WrestleMania Musical Performances At WrestleMania 31

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  1. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...nces-more-details-on-wrestlemania-31-musical/
  2. Travis Barker? No thanks.
  3. Or better yet, they could just have Khali sing for an hour and a half.
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  4. Is this why WM starts at such a "special" time of one hour earlier? Not impressed
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  5. That could be the reason. But I'll be skipping the musical performances very gladly.
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  6. Can we all just agree that half of Wrestlemania will consist of absolutely horse crap and talk about how jet fuel can't melt steel beams?
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  7. Of course we can agree on that :zayn:
  8. Even Sami Zayne knows that bush did 9/11
  9. I don't get Stardust vs Goldust or Miz vs Mizdow 'cuz we gotta have some singing. On the biggest WRESTLING show of the year. I mean, live entrance performances are great but this makes no sense. If you insist on getting some singing in, at least give me some people I actually give a shiot about *cough cough* Imagine Dragons.
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  10. What a random assortment of musical guests.. Travis Barker a formerly coked out drummer, Skylar Grey some random chick who I don't care much about, David Guetta.. not gonna touch that one with a 10 foot pole.. and Kid Ink? Who the hell is booking these musical performances and why do they even have musical performances in the first place other than the National Anthem?
  11. Apparently they seem to care more about their musical performances than booking Mania to be a top notch event. Oh, well...
  12. IMO any musical performances at WM should be the performing of someone's intro song. That's it, period.
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  13. Fuckin' right, mate
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  14. The NXT Axxess going on outside is probably going to be the best part of the weekend.
  15. No doubt:woo:
  16. So that leaves.. Rev Theory to do Randy Orton's 'Voices' hehe. Can't think of any others that aren't CFO$.. maybe 'Crank It Up' by Brand New Sin for Big Show's lol.. ooh I'd be all down for Motorhead and doing a live rendition of 'The Game'
  17. Well if they're going to spend all that money to get these whoevers to play at WM maybe they should think about shelling out some cash for actual already existing songs for superstars to use then???
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