News Muslim student arrested for clock

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. I bet the teacher was a Jew. :pity1:
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  2. Saw on 9gag, this story really blew up. :pokerface:
  3. With how paranoid and over-sensitive society has become, what can't you be arrested for nowadays? People even get arrested for making possible "terroristic threats" just for posting rap lyrics online these days.
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  4. People tend to forget that this is just the new face for a mentality that has been existent in America and Western Civilization for years. Before 9/11 it was "palefaces"/Columbine kids that were treated like this. One kid for example was held in the principle's office for 2 hours for making a list of people he liked and didn't like. Another one got suspended for renting a book on the Columbine shooting from the school library and only got an apology after taking it to court.

    Once the islamophobia blows over there will be something else. We're not over-sensitive, it's just a new face for an old syndrome.
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  5. That's over-sensitivity either way.
  6. This "over-sensitivity" debate is nothing new. It happens in every generation, be it over race, violence in video games or film, video games over all. This is a beast with many a hat to wear.

    Most adults grow out of their "rebelious" or "edgy" phase and get enough self reflection to realize that maybe some of the stuff they did or where into as younglings maybe wasn't that okay or cool. And they try to pass this knowledge on to the next generation. But kids like to bite back against their elders through counter culture and the cycle repeats itself. And there are always adults who don't "grow up" and try to hang onto the way things were.

    In this generation there's the conundrum of there being extra loud extreme camps on both sides of the fence. There's an extra loud camp on the side that wants to progress and an extra loud camp on the side that says "people are just over sensitive".

    That's how I see it at least.
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  7. I'm not saying that either person is right or wrong here, but the fact of the matter is that we're so politically correct and wishy washy today that you can't say or do anything that may, even in the slightest, "offend" someone.

    Stories like these really blow up because of the PC news generation. Everyone hears stories like this for years and low and behold, we have a bunch of whiny babies who bitch and complain at any sign of what they see as "racism."

    I'm sorry but sometimes you have to make judgement calls based on people's ethnicity, area you're in, etc. for example, if I saw a sketchy looking - pants sagging, hat on sideways, huge chains, etc. - black guy walking towards me on the sidewalk in a shady area of town where gangs rule the land, I would walk on the other side of the street. Does this mean I'm racist? Absolutely not. I would do the same thing, in fact, with anyone who looked like that, especially at night in a bad area of the city, and avoid them.

    Sure, nothing may happen and odds are I'll be fine, but I'm not taking that chance. To me, that doesn't mean I'm means I'm making a judgement call based on the circumstances and situation. I understand that not all blacks, Mexicans, and whites are "bad." But I'm also not ignorant to the facts of each ethnicities bad side.
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    This kid got treated badly either way. How hard is it to just check the invention? To send someone to a detention center and then interrogate and question them over "suspicion" is very extreme and such a bad effect of this shoot first, ask questions later mentality. Not to mention that he was interrogated without the presence of a consenting parent or other legal guardian. That's illegal in Texas. This despite frequent requests to see his parents.

    I feel bad for the kid. He has potential in engineering and he's treated like a criminal because of ignorance and paranoia. The situation was so simple to solve but got blown way out of proportion due to ignorance. Any chance of this kid ever going into the engineering field and making something big has been pretty hampered since he is without a doubt traumatized.
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  9. Idk how this is really related to the article. The kid brought a homemade clock to the school to show his engineering teacher. If it was a bomb, why would he show anyone for that matter? The last thing I would wanna do is alert people that I have a bomb and give them a chance to escape. He told them it was a clock, but was going to potentially be charged as carrying a hoax bomb for not giving more of a detailed description of the invention. The teacher called the cops and he was interrogated and searched illegally. This has nothing to do with judgment based off ethnicity.
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  10. Trying to group the two as if they are (always) on completely opposite sides is a very simplistic way of looking at it. There are people who fall under both of these categories who are often (and probably usually) the very same.

    Kids often "bite back against their elders" because a lot of old(er) folks (as you said) refuse to move on with the times and a lot of people, especially those not restrained to the typical mundane shackles of society, fight back against it because the world changes and evolves overtime and many refuse to be shackled to the same "rules" of the past. But in many cases, this progression means to become less delicate and sensitive over certain things, not more.
  11. I think it is legal to search and detain someone if they're considered a threat to 'murrica. #PatriotAct #NoRightz
  12. He thought that MUSLIM kid made a bomb. Ethnicity judgement call. It was part of it at least.
  13. Oh right, that totally justifies it. All Muslims make bombs. Just like all Blacks eat chicken for breakfast, and all Whites are serial killers. I should probably call the cops on my Mexican neighbor for stealing cars and selling illegal DVDs, even though I have no proof.
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  14. And you try to preach that isn't racist at all. lol
  15. This was an interesting story, I heard something about it a few days ago but had been too busy to check into it.. it's definitely a messy situation that's for sure.
  16. Obama invited him into the white house. Imagine if it was a long con and he really was a terrorist.
  17. Obama inviting his Muslim buddies to the White House... :pity1:
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  18. Never said it was. I'm saying that one of the issues is that the news is trying to portray is that because of the boys ethnicity, the teacher thought it was a bomb.
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