Must admit this is quite cool.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Ziggler marks will hate the idea of Ryder vs Dolph at WM for the internet title, but this promo I think is pretty awesome.

  2. WWE's Video Package Team strikes again.
  3. Hate the idea but decent enough promo I guess. Love how the Rock almost says "shit" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Whoever made that trailer could very well work for WWE's promo department in the future if they keep it up.

    And I love the Ryder/Ziggler dynamic. I'm all for Ziggler going into the main event but I also love whenever those two work together in the ring or on the mic. Both are good on the stick and Ryder isn't bad in the ring so Dolph doesn't have to carry him to a good match. Dolph is better but Ryder can pull his load. They also have gimmicks that mesh well. The arrogant showoffish douche vs the lovable and fun loving guy with a serious side (And yes, Zacks character has started to show a serious side.) If it is built well and the internet championship is made a real title that seems to be worth a damn and neither of them gets put into a bigger storyline then I say let them have at it.
  5. I doubt DZ would be doing anything better tbh, great talent but they don't seem to want to push him over the last hurdle so it would be cool.
  6. That there is done by some kid on the net.
  7. Not with WWE. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Pretty cool promo. I'd prefer for Ziggler to be involved in a more important match, but I guess that beats the tag matches he's been involved in the last WMs. By the way, that feud with them for the US title was actually pretty good, it made the title mean something at the moment.
  9. Agreed. They dropped the ball on that feud imo.
  10. I think they didn't drop the ball with the feud, but with Ryder himself. The feud ran its course, Ryder was finished with Dolph and vice versa, but then Zack was buried by Kane without any real feuds where he was the main guy. Now that we're at it, Ziggler was fed to Punk as well, being heavily buried at the Royal Rumble.
  11. Would be a cool WM match :gusta: would prefer ziggler to be WHC though.. :upset:
  12. I saw the promo yesterday. I actually want to see that match now, a great promo created by whoever made it.
  13. The match itself wouldn't be bad imo.
  14. Dolphs in it, of course it would be good.
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  15. This. Ryder's a scrub imo, but Dolph showed at NWO he has no problem carrying one.
  16. Ryder isn't as bad as people say.
  17. This, he's WWE average IMO at worst, probably a level above that. He's not great but he's fairly agile, can sell emotions well with facials and works his gimmick into it.
  18. Ziggler deserves so so so so so so so much more.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. He'll get it don't worry.
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