Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DashingPerfection, Sep 2, 2012.

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  2. I remember this its silly
  3. The day when a child's WWE championship belt became more prestigious then the US Championship.
  4. :dawg: Completely agree.
  5. Santino just embarrased himself
  6. Isn't the other way around?

    ''The day when a child's US championship belt became more prestigious then the WWE Championship.''

    Because the kids like Santino so much?
  7. back then i was happy about him being champion :willis:
  8. Were you?, Seriously? Like really? :otunga:
  9. Me.. Too..:tough:
  10. You all liked Santino as a champion? :cry:
  11. Sorta, he was a goof as a champion though.
  12. When his title reign first started, he was entertaining. He was booked as an underdog and was possibly their most over babyface, and UnCreative did plenty of creative things with the guy. Trying to push him was justified then. :obama:
  13. Exactly
  14. Him winning the title was OK because of the storyline that was taking place then (Ace vs Long), but as his reign dragged on... :silva:
  15. Versions of Santino: :upset: :yay: :cry: :((
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