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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but WWE messed up with the RETRIBUTION gimmick again last night (Mon., Oct. 12). And again, the members of the group did a pretty, pretty good job of spinning it on social media.

The big issue was WWE not deliveingr the promoted Mustafa Ali explanation, which meant RETRIBUTION didn’t show up on the episode... one week after Ali’s reveal as the faction’s leader was one of the most popular topics among wrestling fans. But we’ll get to that in a sec.

First, the company’s creative team followed up the questionable decision to announce the signing of the anarchists whose stated goal is the destruction of WWE by having Raw decide to choose to keep said insurrectionists on their show.

Having learned from T-Bar’s rough attempt to justify their signing, the gang just decided to join in the mocking...


W̸ͨ́H́Y̌̈́͟ ͐ͩͬ͂̾̅̀Wͩ͗ͥ͐̚OŰL͊̆̌͠Dͤͭ̄̄̉̔̾͘ ̨̀ͯYͪ͛ͭ͌̓OU

D̉Ǫ̇ ͂̅̏̌͋̉T̨H͊ͪͫ̏AT?̇͛͑ͦ͛

— M̭̦̥͖̞̟̯̹A̲̮͎͚ͅC͇̞̹͕͎̪̟̜̱͈E̹̭͎̗̣̱̤̯̠̮̮̤̪̘͓ͅ (@RETRIBUTIONMACE) October 13, 2020
Why invite demise to your door?

— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) October 13, 2020
Drafting #RETRIBUTION to #WWERaw?

— s̶h̶a̶n̶e̶SLAPJACKt̶h̶o̶r̶n̶e̶ (@SlapJackRTRBTN) October 13, 2020
It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) October 13, 2020

Well played. But not quite as well played as Ali’s work in response to his promo getting bumped.

He fired off a couple tweets implying he was the one making WWE (and us) wait, then he tied the situation into RETRIBUTION’s whole raison d’être...

Do you not like it when something is promised and then taken away with no explanation?

Funny feeling, isn’t it?

— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) October 13, 2020

Then as a bonus, he linked fans making fun of his teammates’ new kayfabe names to his own real life experience as a Muslim American:

Imagine judging someone just by their name. I couldn’t relate.

— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) October 13, 2020

Maybe staying off television is the best thing for RETRIBUTION?

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