Muting commentary on Benoit matches stopping for the WWE Network?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. If you guys have bought any of the recent WWE DVDs that feature matches with Benoit like the Money In The Bank Anthology. Whenever Benoit does something. They mute the commentary if it talks about Benoit. Now, do you think they will do the same if any Benoit matches happen on the Network? Especially, for PPVs? Maybe, they can have Michael Cole & Lawler dub over the original commentary and replace Benoit's name with "The Wolverine" or something. We can hear Lawler & Cole be like "REMEMBER, DOWNLOAD THE WWE APP!"
  2. Doubt it. They were talking about putting a warning label on the Benoit videos, so they aren't shying away from him.
  3. Everything will be there, for the most part. They're putting warnings before content that contains Benoit.
  4. Why do they censor at all? Is it about his past?
  5. He killed himself and his family, so yeah.

    But they've also stated they're not gonna censor Benoit's matches in any way, shape or form for the Network (just slapping a warning label prior to his matches or promos, is all), and I assume that means commentary, too. It's kind of silly to show the match but then still bleep out the commentary when they start discussing the guy you're already watching wrestle inside the ring.
  6. It has been six-and-a-half years since Benoit killed his wife and child before killing himself.

    Chris Benoit was a very sick man at the time of his death. The ravages of steroids had cost him his mental health and he "snapped". It was a tragedy, but it was one that brought to light how prevalent those things had become in WWE. His story was one of the catalysts for the WWE Wellness Policy which prevents most WWE performers from even attempting to use steroids, which impacts both their mental and physical health in a positive way.

    I don't understand why we continue to warn people that they're about to watch a match, promo, etc., that includes a man who, due to his illness, committed an act that he never would have otherwise. I am glad to see that they will stop censoring commentary on the matches when those matches appear on the WWE Network. I just think it's time to drop it and move on.

  7. Hope they don`t, but since I`m not gonna buy the WWE Network (At least for a while), I really don`t care, since his face is gonna be shown, I think there is no reason to cut the audio
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