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  1. :pity1: Nawz, it's just his match from 2004:

    Monty Brown the BOSS!:dawg:
  2. Do you know if MVP is coming back to TNA or he's staying in NJPW?
  3. Lol dammit you had me fooled.
  4. His cotract with NJPW has expired and he said for now, he'll rest from wrestling a bit, but he will for sure come back to pro wrestling. It can be WWE, TNA or ROH.

    So, TNA is an option too.
  5. Thanks, I want him back wrestling in the US =)
  6. Liked the link, looked at one more and it was good. I'm down on anyone good making their way to TNA, as long as they are used correctly.
  7. You got me there..:bury:
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