MVP injured knee at Preston show last night

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. Ive read today MVP injured his knee at Preston, England show last night and hes supposed to be schedule for TNA PPV match in 2 weeks omg looks like TNA are fucked once again
  2. I don't understand why they would let MVP wrestle elsewhere 2 weeks before their 2nd biggest PPV. I'd say they should rebook the main event on Impact, but if they've taped all of them, then just have MVP reveal he is injured and make it his excuse to do EY vs MVP and Lashley, then Aries, Roode and Joe come out and are added to the match; make it a KOTM match. Also, this could eventually set up a Kenny King babyface run when he splits up from the group as he's pissed he never got to be in the match but Lashley did. He goes for the X-Division title at Destination X but is screwed by MVP
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  4. "The injury took place during a tag team match, and MVP later said it was a "popping of the knee." He reportedly limped to the back immediately following the injury.

    MVP was scheduled to work tonight's Preston City event, but is unable to as the injury put him on crutches. MVP cut a promo at the event saying X-Rays proved inconclusive and he will have to undergo an MRI."
  5. Well shit. Now albeit it kinda is/was a bad idea to tape all episodes coming up to the PPV, they can easily find a way to get themselves out of it (IE get someone relevant like Roode to face EY). It's not a hard recovery necessarily, but it's not something that will keep the storyline somewhat relevant rather than pushed off.
  6. Why the fuck did Dixie let MVP wrestle elsewhere? its common sense to sign wrestlers and tell them they cant wrestle for other companies
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  7. Because TNA likes to have their wrestlers work with other independent circuit companies. It's more common than you'd think.
  8. There's always a chance this is a work too, idk he cut a promo about it at the next house show we'll see here in the next few days what the deal is I imagine.
  9. WWE is one of the few companies that signs wrestlers to exclusive contracts. Most others, including TNA, allow their wrestlers to perform around the independent scene.

  10. TNA has changed that policy a few years ago. Now it's almost like WWE policy.

    Most of the TNA wrestlers (which means contracted) are not allowed to appear on PPV, DVD or TV for any other company (which means no ROH, PWG, DGUSA, Japan, etc. for them). BUT, they can wrestle for some other companies that don't put their shows on DVDs, or simply bring them in to wrestle in a pre-show dark matches.

    MVP and just a few others though, are allowed to appear on DVD/PPV for other companies, so I guess this is just a bad luck for TNA.

    Injuries can happen on any time, fuck it, it's a part of business.

    As far PPV main event being in jeopardy, there's always a way around it, hell to make it even 10x better main event. King of the Mountain sounds like a great solution, and can easily be set up at the top of the PPV.
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  11. What do you know about common sense?
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  12. BLFFL actually did a good post there
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  13. Try again lad.
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  14. For once in her life, I agree with BLFFL - when you're, what, 2 weeks away from your 2nd biggest PPV of the year, why would you let the guy in your main event go to England and wrestle? Unless TNA know that if something was to go wrong, they have a big plan B to fix it, they should not have let him go.
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  15. MVP probably wouldn't even be in TNA if he didn't have the freedom to do whatever he wanted. People act like TNA is somehow on WWE's level and hands out exclusive contracts. It isn't the case.
  16. I'm not going to say to restrict him from doing that all the time, just don't let him go out to another country and wrestle when you have a massive PPV coming up when he's in the main event. When it's not Slammiversary or BFG, he's free to do whatever the hell he wants.
  17. Injuries happen. Shit happens. People shit on TNA no matter what so today is no different. Had he injured himself at a TNA house show nobody would be crying. You can't live your life based on trying to avoid something like an injury in a physical profession such as pro wrestling.

    If a player for a sports team got injured in practice leading up to the championship game would people say "OMG why were they practicing?!?"
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  18. True that. I guess the real problem is the fact that they're having to tape weeks worth of episodes all in one go, which means if MVP can't compete, they will have to alter the main event during the PPV itself, and it will most likely be rushed.

    But really, at least if at a TNA house show, they could have kept a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid; make it a bit short and sweet, no big bumps that could risk bad injury. While PCW wouldn't want to go all out and risk injury, they won't really care about preserving MVP all for the PPV. They will have a plan, MVP will probably just go for it if he thinks he can do it, but TNA won't be able to step in and say "no, don't do that"
  19. I'll agree that taping that far in advance is destined to come back and bite them in the ass. Did they not learn from WCW?? come on now.
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  20. Its not a work Chris Masters has been showing photos of him and MVP on his twitter and MVP is in a wheelchair
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