Rumor MVP is not coming back to WWE

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  1. So I figured I would post this since it has been a light rumor going on for awhile and because of his visit to NXT, people flocked to it like flies on... well, you know. This has been said and done, and is considered "old news" but for anyone wondering who missed it...

    "It looks like MVP is not coming back to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after all. The former United States Champion shut down the rumors via Twitter, where he said that he is "not signed" with the company.

    For a while, Montel Vontavious Porter was rumored to make a big WWE return. Ever since the brand split, WWE needed as many superstars as possible to fill up the Smackdown and Raw rosters.

    Rumors quickly spread that WWE reached out to former talents to bulk up the blue and red brands with the likes of Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Goldberg reportedly called up as well.

    MVP was also the subject of persistent WWE return rumors. The speculations spiked when he was spotted in WWE NXT, but he has since clarified that he was only there to visit friends.

    According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the talks continued despite the reports of MVP's unlikely WWE return. The publication, however, claimed in its latest report that the discussions have officially ended."

    Honestly, never seen him coming back. He was a good wrestler but never stood out much to me in terms of charisma or character.

    On a side note, he has Spike in his avatar from Cowboy Bebop... Nice. :obama:
  2. MVP would be a huge waste of time. People would be excited for literially 1 night and then no one would care
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  3. I could never get interested in MVP. Not sure why... maybe it was the corny name... maybe it was the character... but he just never interested me...

    I'd be quite happy not seeing him back.
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  4. This.

    Shame, I always liked him.
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  5. I don't care too much really. If he came back to smackdown live to help put over someone in the IC title picture, that'd be cool. But he's not needed. Way overrated.
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