MVP: Most Valuable Positioning

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    MVP has been a valuable asset to Lashley, MVP has always been there when the now former TNA World Heavyweight Champion needed anything. MVP has been a model friend and ally to Lashley. So what happened last night?

    It looked as if Lashley was getting ready to invoke his rematch clause against new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode last night when MVP made a claim of his own for the title. MVP even stated, “Lashley was only Champion because he stepped in for me when I hurt my knee.” An interesting take on the World Title situation, at least, from the point of view of MVP.

    Did Kurt Angle, a savvy veteran of the ring wars see an opening to put a chink in the armor of the Lashley, MVP and Kenny King alliance? Kurt was quick to jump at the idea of MVP getting a title opportunity last night and Bobby Roode wants to be a fighting champion, so he had no issue with it. However, it appeared Lashley did.

    We are not trying to TMZ this issue up at all. Just looking at the facts, MVP said what he said last night, Lashley looked very confused and upset at the beginning of IMPACT and then not helping MVP up at the conclusion spoke volumes. We all know that good friends, best friends and brothers argue and disagree at times, so perhaps this is nothing to worry about in regards to the friendship between Lashley and MVP or perhaps there is more to this situation. Only time will tell.


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