MVP Not Open to a WWE Return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 16, 2012.

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  2. Probably got bored so decided to work the smark fags, Bernard did the same if you remember.
  3. Jericho said the same.
  4. If he came back he probs be repackaged with a new gimmick
  5. I'd mark for a heel MVP return.
  6. Glad, goodbye MVP.
  7. His new gimmick is going to be the Goat!

    He will be in a tag team. And will be the reason they lose every match!!

  8. Why should he? He seems to love it in Japan.
  9. Da fuq
  10. MVP obviously hates WWE
  11. Never was a big fan..
  12. I've always been a MVP fan, was sad when he left. He may return one day, a tweet doesn't prove anything. WWE doesn't really need him though, so he'll only come back if he wants to, I think.
  13. He probably thinks WWE as prison 4 him. I read some things and they didn't let him cut his hair when he was ready or something like that. If I was an ex-con I'd go where I felt the most free
  14. You're right, WWE takes full control over them. Mr. Kennedy couldn't even chew gum while having his entrance..
  15. Because WWE can make him a star and a household name. Tazz left WWE for ECW and now he's in TNA. Whilst on WWE he was a household name.


    Triple H can chew gum. so why not kennedy? but then again, triple h is the game.
  16. Triple H is the boss his son in law, and he is in WWE for so long now, man.
    Kennedy just started there back then.
  17. You know Tazz started out in ECW and then went to WWE right?
  18. WWE limits performers way too much. They want them to be exactly the way they molded them to be, they can't add anything. Except if they have power inside the company, HHH for example.
  19. He wasn't a star/household name in ECW though, was he?
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