News MVP ready to return soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 17, 2013.

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  2. Wasn't he ready to return a couple of months ago too?
  3. Well, no complaints from me. Can't see how him working US indies would be a problem and if he came back to any of the big leagues I'd be fine with it, I like MVP.
  4. :urm::urm::urm: .....I have to say, too little too late. The young cats are looking reallllllly good. If he thought he was booked weak before try signing with the 'E' now. MVP expecting a strong 'E' run is almost as cringeworthy as the Shield taking Henry's heat away on RAW this past Monday.... then again there's always joining Aces and 8's only to be future endeavored within 8 weeks
  5. Actually he's back with HoH, but not under contract. Hope he returns to WWE because I didn't enjoy his TNA run
  6. MVP hasn't worked for TNA. I can find zero info on him working for TNA.
  7. Will he bring the Ghetto strong style?
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  8. Let's hope he stays away from TNA.
  9. He has, I think his in-ring name was Antonio Banks
  10. Never cared about him, he's like black del rio, except worse
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  11. LOL. I loved his theme
  12. I kinda liked MVP, wouldn't mind seeing him back in WWE again.
  13. WWE should give MVP a part time deal like they have done with RVD. Can you imagine MVP back in WWE
  14. ADR is dope as hell, i cant imagine worse being a reasoable comparison.
  15. sounds fucking horrible.
  16. I don't mean to sound racist, but fuck that black asshole with a burning cross.
  17. I don't mind MVP at all. Definitely a good talent for midcard feuds imo.
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