News MVP Talks Wrestling, Takes Shot At Khali

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Lol'd
  2. If Khali knew how to tweet better he'd cut a promo on MVP via twiiter.
  3. He took a shot at Khali. Who hasn't? next!
  4. hay NVB wat u men i not tlaented i bes n wrld fit me fgt
  5. Khali tweets - 'Ga bhun jhs je flg MVP!! sdg!'
    Woah. Intense Khali right there.
  6. Well, it was a very good example and I'm pretty sure the Internet is full of Khali insults.
  7. MVP wasn't that great of a wrestler either in my opinion, not like Khali, but he wasn't amazing at all to me.
  8. He stepped it up in Japan but his WWE run was not really that spectacular, it had its shining moments but I prefer MVP in Japan over MVP in the WWE. He was so good in New Japan that they rewarded him with becoming the first ever Intercontinental champion. A foreigner being the first ever champ is very uncommon in Japanese wrestling.
  9. MVP had the ball dropped with him so hard.. glad to see him looking at it in a positive aspect though.
  10. MVP had so much potential as was shown in Japan. Never fully understood why in the E he wasn't so great. Presume it was bad booking, poor character and lack of motivation on his part with the above.
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