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  1. I'd be fine with that, I like MVP. As long as he isn't a huge expense or anything it'd be a good addition to the roster.
  2. I haven't seen much of MVP but if he doesn't cost TNA too much, he'll be a great addition to the roster.
  3. Not excited for him possibly coming to TNA, but we will see. I always give another chance to these type of wrestlers, that still haven't had the chance to fullfit their full potential.
  4. MVP to end Magnus' title reign in front of the UK crowd... That'd be so awesome.
  5. MVP still denying these rumors on twittah.
  6. I just..... I don't see him fitting in TNA.
  7. He fought in TNA some years ago... I think he would be a nice incorporation.
  8. Urgh.

    I really wanted him to come back to WWE, not be wasted away in TNA.
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  9. Yeah, but as a jobber.
  10. Wait, he was used properly in WWE?
  11. As a heel I think MVP was at his top, unsure if that was his full potential though. I wouldn't mind him going to TNA, I think he's a good talent.
  12. I think MVP would be a pretty decent addition to TNA, the contract would be low maintenance and his name has been around for awhile now.
  13. If MVP goes to TNA ASAP, does NJPW get an IOU from the CFO?
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  14. I don't think he'll join up with them if he does on the UK Tour.. He's a felon, that would be such a hassle since he has to subject to background checks for each country he enters..
    BUT if he does join up somehow I'd be pretty happy, his name is a known one. I've seen him only once live but as far as I could tell he definitely had decent in-ring working ability so. If his contract wasn't too lucrative than yes I think he could be a fine addition to TNA.

  15. From what I read they barely even hassle him anymore, his personal character has changed completely from when he was a teenager.

    I know I would definitely be okay with this as long as he works hard and doesn't demand piles and piles of money compared to what he really should be paid.
  16. Was never a fan, pass.
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  17. MVP is the secret investor
  18. We'll see if Meltzer is right.
  19. Just read that report too actually, hmm I hope.. Secret Investor will be revealed next week, and MVP possibly debuting according to that report.. Is he the Investor? Or will he be a comrade to the real investor.
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