MVP vs. Mr. Anderson: A Lesson In Leadership

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Tonight on Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, MVP goes one on one with Mr. Anderson. Both athletes made it past their qualifiers last week in NYC Gold Rush that saw Austin Aries earn the victory, however tonight presents a more personal encounter between Anderson & MVP.

    Last week it seemed that the two men let their personal animosity simmer and the focus was on winning an opportunity at championship gold, so a pass should be given. Not tonight however.

    See Mr. Anderson hasn't forgotten about the disgusting way in which MVP & Kenny King treated Chris Melendez a couple of weeks ago and while Melendez handled his business in the ring by defeating Kenny King, it was Mr. Anderson who stopped what looked to be a heinous post match attack.

    Whether or not Kenny King and MVP are jealous of Chris Melendez's overwhelmingly positive response from not only the TNA fans, but in mainstream media as well, still gives Mr. 305 and King no right to treat Melendez the way they have. Tonight, Mr. Anderson has an opportunity to teach MVP that lesson.

    It's going down tonight on IMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV.


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