My alerts are playing hide and seek godamnit!!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Ovaldinho, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. It has come to my attention that some of my alerts are not appearing....

    This became apparent in the IWT section when on three different occasions Jonathon tagged people such as me, @Champ Johnson and @gav the chav in threads but none of us have gotten the notification, at least from what I saw them say anyway.

    There have been similar issues throughout sections too, there have been times where the red boxed 1 symbol is on my screen to signify a notification has occurred, but it doesn't show up in my alerts for 5-10 minutes.

    Just thought I would inform the admins @Crayo @Solidus @Xanth

    My main concern anyway is the new IWT rule stating I must vote in 5 out of 7 matches in events (Thanks Crayo for the suggestion thread) which is a great idea, but what good is it if alerts don't come up, I even go out of my way to watch a thread for a match when it starts to avoid me not voting, but then the alerts don't show up and then I can't vote. So yeah, I ain't getting suspended from IWT over dodgy forum issues.
  2. Yes mines been a little dodgy lately too
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  3. Is it just tagging that isn't notifying you? Does quoting you and stuff work okay? I was made aware by another user regarding the tagging errors lately, but I've yet to experience it myself.
  4. Quoting works. Replying to watched threads work. Tagging doesn't.
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  5. Its just tagging for me not noticed the other things oval mentioned though matbe its happened and I've not realised
  6. got that one
  7. Right, I'll tag you both in IWT and see if you get it.
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  8. Every test we have done has worked... Tagging is a core feature; it's not a plugin.
  9. I think it might be when loads of tags are made thats when I usually don't get it or when I've noticed it at least
  10. Sometimes I get 'em, sometimes I don't. But I have noticed it too.
  11. I haven't really noticed. I get so many notifications a day ( I'm so popular) That if I run across something I was tagged in, I just figure I over looked it :smug:
  12. Only time it never works for me, it does sometimes but more often it doesn't, is when gav the chav tags me in his BPL predictions threads.
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  13. Yes thats why I think it doesn't work when you tag loads of people what do you reckon @Crayo ?
  14. Throw my two cents in I sometimes get a delay to notifications or sometimes receive none on replies to threads or watched threads. Dunno if this is due to after a few days threads become unwatched or something.
  15. I'm curious. I've noticed that the tags always end up with a space after them (for me anyway). I am wondering if deleting this space cancels the tag. And I am wondering that because when I DO delete the space I see the drop down for possible username matches again, like the tag needs to be redone. Any thoughts?
  16. This has been happening to me as well recently.
  17. When people reply to threads that I posted in, I don't get the alerts. Wussup wit dat?!

  18. This bug is frustrating me, because every single time I test it, you all get your alerts perfectly fine...

    Regarding the watched threads notification: remember that sometimes if there has been more than one reply since you last checked, it groups it all and just gives you one alert. For example, if Dolph's, Seabs, Stopspot, and Xanth all replied to a thread I am watching, it'll say "Dolph'sZiggler has replied to this thread, there may be more posts after it" or something like that in ONE alert. It doesn't mean you're missing alerts from the other replies.

    As for tags, it's worked every single time I've tested it.