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  1. Well Guys i would like to ask for alittle bit of your time to Read my apology

    I wont to start this off by saying sorry to the WHOLE forum and all of its users!
    for my stupid and Childish acts and threats as of late. I do honestly not know why i did it but with my 3 day absence i have MISSED this Forum ALOT!
    but this deserves far more then a global apology i would like to take the time
    to apologize to certain users that i have offended

    Crayo- I am sorry for all the Threats that i sent you and for not listening to you when you ask me to stop making jokes about nwo you are the leader here i should have said yes sir and stopped.

    AidsJohnson-I am sorry for all the jokes towards you and your group
    i admit it i got group hungry and was upset you rejected me i am sorry for
    Everything now that i am Groupless i realize i should have been thankful for the
    groups i did have!

    HollywoodDolphZiggler-i am also sorry for the jokes directed towards you as you did nothing to me

    NWO-I want to say sorry to ALL of the members of NWO for my Gay and childish Jokes on the group out of jealousy i should have not done this.

    SEBES-I wont to say sorry for Making fun of your group and calling it a dictatorship just because i didn't get to collect groups if i should have respected the group votes and wishes and just been quiet.

    TEAM SHOWOFF-I am sorry for all pics/words/jokes about any of the members in this group.

    And to anyone i forgot i'm DEEPLY sorry!

    Please if you could find it in your heart to forgive me and let us all just start over i would Really like that.
    If not i understand i don't deserve forgiveness. i do Deserve to be hated! ​
  2. How about saying sorry for trying to hack the site, think that's more important.
  3. Understood. Now get back to the decent posts you used to have, and lets get over this shit. Also, you have to start working on your spelling, someone with your internet intellect should be able to get names/sentences written out correctly. It will make things better in the long run.

    You forgot to add Aids > webx. :true:
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  4. Blah blah blah.... Wow, that's a lot of people you wronged and need to apologize to, huh? The last part of the "apology" sounds more like a pity party with the whole, "I do deserve to be hated!" bit. Honestly, the fact that you come on here and put our state in such a poor light ticked me off about as much as anything else.

    Anyway, regardless -- forgiven, get more mature ASAP, and move on. Carry on with good posts from here on out, please.
  5. Right tbh like said, you did act badly and by the looks of it you know you did so i'm not going to tell you what you have done, but like others i'm willing to forget what you did and try to move on with it, so lets start over forget about this s*** and welcome back, can't hurt to have another uploader around anyway lol.
  6. Welcome back bro! Hope your little jealousy/like a girl on her period period ended.
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  7. please edit out my name from the original post and don't mention me from here forward

    I'd rather not be linked to such a clown
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  8. Due to lack of a direct apology, I refuse to accept any apology.
  9. doubtful he knows/cares who you are. Apology most likely not directed at the members not even affected directly. You're welcome web.
  10. Oh, it was directed to specific members? I would have NEVER guessed that. Thanks for being able to realize things at a 3rd grade level.
  11. Someone is a fucking idiot. :bury: and that idiot is you. :finger:

    Please accept his apologies, people are going to be so upset without having you and webx get along.
  12. It's such clever, well constructed responses that make you a master of wit :otunga:
  13. I seem fine with it. Cobalt prolly doesn't give two shits bout him just like I do and Cobalt isn't on as much so I see no conflict really.
  14. If we're talking about the original poster, yeah I don't care about any drama as I come here to post and not get caught up in such things. (though I post every day, so I don't know about not being on much....)
  15. Don't give a fuck to what anybody else says here. If you're sorry and won't try to hack, you're okay with me.
  16. Lol you do post everyday but not at ideal time. Then again we have lives.
  17. Right...well I guess I'll try harder to fit the standards of posting?

    Anyway, I'm leaving this thread as pretty much everybody talking in response to me is clueless and can't grasp sarcasm.
  18. No facial expression, no emoticons, no one cares about your opinions... :true: Go talk to randy savage, he might be able to help explain your situation better.
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