my application for moderator

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. my name is zach i am 11 and i love the wwe i love sheamus and john cena but i hate alberto del rio hes just a mean person he sucks also i hate the big show and daniel bryan they suck too

    thanks for considering me
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  2. Seems legit.
  4. automated response: gtfo noob
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  5. :OOOOOOOOOOOO Tyson's 11?!?!?!?
  6. see i am little boy :emoji_slight_smile:

    mommy says no markers on hand they never come out so i draw on wall but she doesnt like that either :emoji_slight_frown:
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  7. Automated Message: Application Accepted
  8. Automated Message: Not :goat:
  9. BOO THIS MAN (The term man seems questionable.)
  10. screw u :serious:
  11. We dont need 11 year old mods
  12. fuck u ur mean i hate u bitch
  13. Go watch barney and leave mod to a man.
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  14. shut up bitch im going to fucking cut ur throat u bitch!
  15. Lol serious mad here now.
  16. Should we break this up Farooq? We being mods and all
  17. I dont think hes realized it yet :gusta:
  18. Re: RE: my application for moderator

    I think we have already.
  19. shut up
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