My application to be a Chairmen

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Name: Thomas Leo-Ryan Spot Ross.
    Age: 13 and a half
    Skills: Like I know how to block people on xbox so banning noobs on the forum can't be too hard.

    Thanks, hope I get accepted.
  2. i started a trend :yay:
  3. Automated message: suggestion has been denied
  4. Automated message: Suggestion has been denied.


    :yes: :yes: you're an improvement over the two we have currently.
  5. Automated message: Seabs fails at life.
  6. How many men do you plan on being? Id like to be a moderators.
  7. Automated message: Seabs just got ninja'd
  8. His had no capital letters, me > Miz.
  9. thx for the welcum guys.
  10. Xanth skyped me this pic of himself after reading your application:

  11. Automated message: Suggestion has been denied.
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  12. Sophie I despise you. Like seriously despise you. Easily in my top 5 worst members list.
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