My biggest mark out moment since Lesnar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Was Punk demolishing Jerry Lawler last night. I marked stupidly hard along with a few other Lawler haters in the discussion thread.
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  2. Lol was brilliant! Hopefully a sign WWE are thinking of moving Lawler on as he is useless!
  3. That was awesome! And everything he was saying was true too. With the fans' dislike of Cole and Lawler's general suckdom, it seems like going off on these wonderful commentators we have may be one of the best ways to get face pops in WWE.
  4. I marked so hard I watched it standing up. :boss1:
    No but seriously it was great, but everything he said was exactly right aswell, like people said, it was like someone from the IWC wrote it.
    The beast has finally been put down. :yay:
  5. Stuff like:

    Jerry: "Punk you ever seen a reaction like this (for Cena's entrance)
    Punk: "Yes, every time I come out"


    Punk: "Jerry, you're rotten on commentary. Call the match for once" (paraphrased)

    Was so sick.
  6. That first one was amazing, I lol'd so much.
    I can't believe he actually made a Big Show match good, I wasn't even watching the match, just listening to Punk.
  7. The one about Cena's entrance made me lol hard as it reminded me of all the times they go on bout the pop for Cena when he's at a venue where he is hated and is getting boo's yet they still go on bout the crowd usually with Lawler saying have you heard this crowd they love Cena.
  8. Big Show matches are usually better when you don't watch them.
  9. It really made the main event enjoyable.
  10. I didn't watch the promo (or any of Raw, really) but it sounds awesome. My only issue is, this seems more like Punk last year rather than a heel Punk trying to getting hated, yes?
  11. haha i loved it :emoji_grin:
  12. CM Punk dropped one of his many pipe bombs this time it was Jerry Lawler
  13. "You could commentate on the match? Or infact just tell us one of your corny jokes instead"
  14. Punk needs to start hitting women next
  15. im impressed. I thought it would miz's return in the MITB match.
  16. I thought it was pretty awesome when miz won the ic title
  17. Doesnt have any significance. The IC title is buried again.

    I dont understand why its so hard to create proper feuds for the IC and US titles.
  18. it's not difficult it's just that wwe is a main event company now. their main focus is on the big names drawing money
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  19. Yah it was great. Had to listen again the next day but yeah it was better than watching the match.
  20. I'd mark hard if the miz girl made a return
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