My biggest problem with Ryback's undefeated streak.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Ryback is undefeated and he keeps on rolling. However, I have a huge problem with his jump into the title for being undefeated. He has not defeated many mid-card and upper card wrestlers.

    The only mid-card wrestler he defeated was The Miz. He has not defeated any upper card wrestlers. If he had defeated more mid card and upper card wrestlers then the streak would be more special. There have been too many recent wrestlers pushed after being a lot of lower card wrestlers. Sheamus, Khali, and Vladimir are a few examples of wrestlers pushed to a title match while only beating lower card wrestlers.

    Do you think Ryback should had defeated more mid card and upper card wrestlers to make his streak more special?
  2. I definitely think he should have defeated more mid carders and had a feud before this but I think it is obvious that he was pushed to fill in for Cena since every other possible challenger for Punk was already involved in a storyline. WWE simply rolled with the punches on this one.
  3. Absolutely, and I think WWE agrees with everything you said... but Cena was injured, and they have no other option. It'll be a shame if the streak ends now, but it's WWE's fault for not having a Rock, HHH, or Angle ready when their Austin gets injured.
  4. Plus he's only been WWE since April and the only big defeat was when he defeated a handicap match against two local athletes and last night when he beat the Miz. I don't even think he's been in 20 matches yet. He needs to beat more people like you said before he got the shot.
  5. Nah. They are using him cause Cena is hurt. Ryback isn't going to lose. My guess is Brock will interrupt the match then Brock and Ryback will feud. If not Brock, then someone else will. Punk will retain the belt, and Ryback will retain his streak.
  6. He's been in more than 40 matches now and has been involved with the WWE for almost a decade now in some way or form. He was one the first tough enough with Miz and Josh Matthews and was on the original NXT and part of the Nexus.
  7. Not talkin' about when he was Skip Sheffield. Not talkin' about Tough Enough either.


    He's like the next Goldberg
  8. :true:
  9. lol :jeritroll:
  10. The push wouldn't be happening this fast had Cena not had surgery.
  11. While you're right, in terms of kayfabe he has beaten multiple competitors at once which I guess means something, and demolished the former WWE champion twice in under 3 minutes. As Ben has said, he wouldn''t be in this position if it wasn't for Cena's surgery, so they have to book him up as a strong challenger. You can't build him up and say "Here's the undefeated guy who has only beaten noobs" lol, there has to be something there for the audience to think "Hey, Ryback might just win", else no one would buy the PPV.
  12. I also think it was more of a last minute decision. Of course, the ideal thing would be for him to beat more midcarders and upper midcarders, maybe 2 or 3 feuds there as well before they thought of putting him in the ME.
  13. I don't even know how this could be considered a legit streak, more than half the people he beat were 90 pound locals
  14. Kayfabe my brother.
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