My bucket list for Rhyno now that he's back

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. As many of us already do or should know, Rhyno (along with Brian Kendrick) is back. For how long? His purpose in WWE right now? Nobody really knows. But what I do know is that as well as NXT, I'd like to see him feud with and have matches with some guys on the main roster right now. I have five matchups in my mind that I think would be killer under the right circumstances.

    Bray Wyatt:
    Now I'm not sure on how the feud and buildup itself would be, but with their in ring styles (Rhyno, the straight out brawler, goring the fuck out of everyone in sight, ECW alumnus. Bray, the former leader of The Wyatt Family, the beard, the upside down spider like walk he does, his promos, has great matches on his resume) and the right stipulation, this match up would be KILLER

    Dean Ambrose:
    Like Bray, has been in the ring with some big names. Triple H, Orton, Batista, Jericho, RVD, and The Undertaker to name a few. Both Ambrose and Rhyno have backgrounds in the hardcore style of wrestling and would for sure tear the house down. Put these two as the main event for Payback or Battleground and it's guaranteed to deliver (if it's No Holds Barred that is)

    Seth Rollins:
    Now let's think about this on paper. Sounds really good, doesn't it? How WWE goes about booking their feud would really depend on how long the buildup is and anything else part of buildup. Rollins has also been in the ring with HHH, Orton, Batista, Jericho, RVD and The Undertaker. Hell, he was recently in the ring with Brock Lesnar in what people are already deciding is Match of the Year. No matter how WWE goes about this matchup and if WWE decides to even book it, it's guaranteed to deliver

    Bad News Barrett:
    Like all the others, has a very impressive resume in WWE. Five time Intercontinental Champion, feuds with Orton, Cena, mixed it up with The Undertaker, etc. This has potential to be on PPV but would probably end up being the opening match. Both using the brawling strategy in the ring, definitely a match worth watching. Yeah, I know BNB has had some injuries in the past that have kept him out for a number of months, but that doesn't mean he can't be trusted in the ring with higher profile guys.

    Think about it, a riled up, hard hitting, don't take shit from anybody Irish brawler against the goring machine known as Rhyno. Now I'll admit Sheamus has been boring as of late, but a matchup like this would be anything but. Both men hit hard, have great success in their craft, and can deliver when given the ball. Like the Rollins idea, no matter how WWE goes about this matchup and if WWE even decides to book it, it's guaranteed to deliver.
  2. Out of these 5 matches, my must-see stuff would be against Ambrose, Sheamus and Rollins.

    But we don't even know if he'll even be on the main roster, or if he's back just to put talent over in NXT.

    So, let's focus on possible NXT match-ups for now. First up will be against Finn Balor. I'd also like to see Rhino vs Owens/Zayn/Itami/Neville (if he doesn't leave soon).

  3. I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS!

    Rhyno isn't back on a full time contract. He's only part of a thing NXT is doing were they are bringing back older more experienced talents for one or two shows here and there to work with guys that need the experience and coaching. You won't be seeing Rhyno on the main roster and you'll only see him in bursts on NXT.
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  4. Not too shabby of people for them to have help put some of the younger guys over.. wouldn't mind seeing the company do more of this in the future with some other guys as well.. They should just put Christian down there and let him do some things if he's healthy enough.. It seems they don't have shit for him to do on the main roster so I imagine his talents would be put to better use if they just kept him in Florida and had him do some NXT tapings every now and then.
  5. Yeah, thought this'd be a one time thing.

    Looking forward to seeing his feud with Balor.
  6. Didn't realize that he isn't necessarily under contract. But yeah, seeing at least one of the five would be great
  7. Not happening. He's there to put over NXT guys, not work established main roster talent.
  8. that sounds pretty good would love to see Rhino V Rollins
  9. Owens vs Rhyno then. Have Owens take him down brutally.
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