My Class of 2012 grad. song..

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  1. I just got an email from my class advisor stating that
    "Hold Onto The Memories - Corey Tynan"
    "Nickelback - If Today was your Last Day"

    Will be our two class songs this year :/ I hate the first, but the bottom one is cool.

  2. One of the few nickelback songs I like.
  3. I need to get Brodus Clay's theme song for our senior song :/
  4. Nickel back is gay, Idk what mine is gonna be yet, i STIll havent gotten my cap and gown lol
  5. Lol US graduations ftl. On my last day of high school a group of us got drunk during assembly, skipped the last period (which is just a speech from headmaster bla bla) and jumped into the sea with school gear on.

  6. You kids make me feel old
  7. Nice Crayo.. I take it you graduated last year?
  8. Lol no 2 years ago.
  9. gay
  10. Say it to my face.
  11. Mike. say the phrase "We Todd Ed" really fast, you might amuse yourself.
  12. I tried it, just sounds like "We thought it".
  13. Is it supposed to sound like retarded?
  14. It's suposed to sound like one of those british phags :emoji_wink:
  15. British*
    Correcting Americans like a Sir.
  16. Y U No Play fair seabs? Maby I leik having yous crrect me.
  17. You have a HHH sig so I don't like you anymore.
  18. Nickelback...

    god bless your soul.
  19. Why RKO? WHY?
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