My countryman Wade Barrett will be the next IC champion

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  1. My countryman Wade Barrett will be the next IC champion I can gurantee it and you know why cos the Brits are taking over WWE. Paige is the divas champion which she got on her debut and now Wade Barrett will get the IC title and have a long reign. My predictions always come true just look at my man Brock beating the streak and my girl Paige debuting on the Raw after WM30. My prediction on Wade will come true as well
  2. So you make this prediction now that he's in the finals of the IC tournament? You must be like a prophet or something
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  3. Indeed.

    I would have honestly put my money on Cesaro to start with.
  4. :yes:
  5. Wow, impressive, but I actually called WB winning this tourney from the start so suck my smooth balls.
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  6. I hated hard on BNB but now am a huge fan of it. I hope he wins the IC for all the time sat out, and more importantly keep the gimmick going.

    The dude could be the loser in a match vs the face champ like DB easily.
  7. For once, I actually want BLFFL to be right.

    I can't remember that every happening before.

    Of course, since it would basically make sense for Barrett to win the tournament and IC, that makes me worry that it won't happen. :sad1::pity1::sad:
  8. #WWELogic
  9. Maybe they'll do it right! #teamoptimism

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  10. Well I'm afraid I've got some bad news... you're probably right. :downer:
  11. I really hope BLFFL is right as really into BNB. Plus it looks like he loves the gimmick himself as well, bout time they found something for him.
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  12. Big E will retain.

    Actually, I think Barrett will probably win the belt as well.
  13. Dear BLFFL, you are a disgrace to Britain, and you bandwagon onto Barrett cause he's British. The end.
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    I think it will come down to BNB and Cesaro, then Heyman screws up something in the finals causing Cesaro to lose, helping to push the Cesaro/Lesnar feud we all want to see.

    EDIT: Hadn't seen RAW before this post. :facepalm:
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  15. Er, watch RAW.
  16. I will tomorrow, apparently I am missing something?
  17. SPOILER (open)
    Cesaro lost by countout
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  18. Nothing wrong with supporting your fellow countrymen.
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  19. That's inherent to do that, but if you don't even appreciate the guy for his talent then it's fucking stupid.
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  20. OH god damn it lol
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