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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Have you ever had a forum you were joined to that just lost its appeal over time? It stopped pleasing you and tried to tell you how to live your (internet) life. Do you have an ExForum? (lol)

    It doesn't have to be about wrestling. It can be any forum that you once were on that completely sucked after awhile.

    I was on a few different ones. The small handful of ones, I never got going with. They were either boring or didn't have enough active members. Aside from this one, there was only one other one I enjoyed until the crap I had to put up with got old. I was on I enjoyed that site for some time, but as time went on, the guys telling me I'm a dude posing as a girl, the topics I am posting are stupid and to stop posting, the constant harassment from like a good 10 members.... I just got fed up. I only liked maybe 5 members on there and they weren't worth staying. I went on my search for a new wrestling forum and found two. One of which was dead almost 24/7. I never even posted on it. Then I found this one. All of you are friendly and open to new members. You don't treat each other like crap and single people out. I enjoy it here and I'm glad I left caws.
  2. Glad you like this forum more than the others, I believe this place is one of a kind, and the people in charge have done a very good job to keep it that way. We're indeed a very friendly bunch and open to all members which you now know. :otunga:

    I've been apart of a couple of forums, I'm not going to name them but I left because Admins & Staff members we're complete assholes. I'm glad we don't get that here.
  3. That happened at the one I was in. I didn't know what was going on, I just knew the staff were playing dirty. Showing favoritism, banning members for no reason... and so on.
  4. Soon to be this forum
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  5. Yeah that happens in quite a lot of forums, Crayo is a little bit more lenient so it's all good here.
  6. RuneGear, HackForums, MarketForums :otunga:
  7. I've heard of none of them. :vince:
  8. the metal gear online forums. holy fucking shit. everyone on that site was a complete asshole and a tool. they were that way on the game too, so i guess it makes sense the forum would be that way
  9. So weird that you were on my old forum.
  10. It is? :shock:
  11. Yep. Only you, Xanth, Anon, Mikedawt, Kyle and Tzesi were members from MF aswell. I don't think I'm missing anyone.
  12. Can't remember Mikedawt or Kyle on MF :cornette:
  13. bitch please. I was in your MF. i eat trees was my username.
  14. You serious? They were incredibly active lol. Mike posted like 1,000 posts in a weak and was upgraded.

    :O Wow. WF > MF
  15. Hmm that rings a bell. TBH, because it's been what nearly 1 year I can't remember much about WF now :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    Did not know BHR was on MF :vince:
  16. I was actually a mod there for 2 days.

    After some weeks/months, your MF was sold or something, someone else was there. I offered that guy to use vBulletin and I had a license for it so he did. told him to make me mod in return and he did. the forums went down after 2 days and it was always down so I stopped visiting.
  17. Owned. Bitch!

  18. A few Zelda sites, one I didn't leave though, the Admin just didn't have time for the site and basically it was suppose to merge onto another Zelda forums but everything got delayed and the forums got deleted, so all those wonderful posts got deleted :sad: the forums that they were suppose to merge to, was full of assholes. I remember one time I made an opinion over a couple of the series, and the Mod gave me a warning because I apparently didn't put to much detail into it and was considered spam, even though I fully explained it. Then all the other members were tools, trolls, and they always ganged up on people who had different ideas, which I experience first hand to leace :finger: Another was a Super Smash Brothers Brawl forums, which same thing. Tools, trolls, and whiny bitches who ganged up on you if you had a different idea. Then I stopped going to forums for months. Then I wanted to try forums out again, so I looked up WWE ones since I knew a decent amount about wrestling and watched it still, and this was the first one that popped up so I joined it. That's pretty much it now :yay:
  19. Ouch, lol.
  20. This.
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