My face every time DB/Kane appeared last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. :yay:

    It's seriously so awesome. Finally care about the tag-team division again.
  2. The team connection is beast.:lol1:

    Hope they will make the whole division better.
  3. Like I mentioned on the live thread, it's great to see tag champs that the fans/writers actually care about.

    This can only be good for the tag division.

  4. The tag team has now become interesting with the involvement of Kane and Daniel Bryan. Kane is more of a comedy superstar now, something I've always liked him for.
  5. :hmm: interesting...a lot of people love Daniel, so now more people will watch the tag team matches. Didn't like the idea at first, but with that theory since the main event picture is full, it's actually very smart. And whoever they lose the belts too, that team will get some recognition too.
  6. It's not just the stars they're using that makes it better its the awesome storyline behind kane and DB
  7. I'm quite a big fan of this sort of storyline. It was awesome when they did it with Matt Hardy/MVP and Cena/Michaels in recent times. It brings the tag team titles to the spotlight and the contenders will look a lot more legitimate if they manage to compete well in a tag match against a couple of bigger stars.

    The story is still absolutely hilarious as well, loved the Disney quote on Raw.
  8. It's nice to have guys like this making the tag division mean something, and the storyline is simply great. Waiting for Harold to show up again.
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