WrestleMania My Fantasy Road to WM29!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Alright, just thought about sharing my fantasy Road to WM29 which I'm sure won't happen, because WWE writers are more clever, intelligent and creative than thinking about these ideas :sad:

    RAW Tomorrow:
    - Big E gets hit by a plane and is out for 73 years :pity1:

    - Team Rhodes Sholares def. Team Hell No to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.
    - Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz to retain the US Championship.
    - Kaitlyn def. Tamina to retain the Divas championship.
    - ADR def. Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight title.
    -And now to match everyone is waiting for, The Rock vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship..
    After 30 minutes of great entertainment, The referee is down, Rock is in control, he sets Punk's up for the People's elbow when suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music hits, Brock appears and The Rock is in shock, he brawls with Rock before F5ing him and puts Punk body over Rock's, Heyman wakes the referee who makes the 3 count, and Punk retains .

    - In the Royal Rumble match, The Shield manage to eliminate Cena, Sheamus Kane, Randy Orton and many others, last 5 in the ring are The Shield, Ryback and Daniel Bryan.

    - Ryback manages to eliminate Seth and Dean, and tries to eliminate Reigns when Daniel capitalize and eliminate both of them.

    - Daniel Bryan wins the 2013 Royal Rumble match.

    EC Build up:
    - The next night on RAW, Rock addresses Brock, he says that if Brock was man enough, he would come to the ring and try to do what he did last night when Rock is 100% ready, and tells the crowd how Punk's win was undeserved, but he won't make any excuses and that next time their won't be anyone to save Punk.

    - Punk comes out and says that there won't be a next time, and that Rock should return to Hollywood to do what he is best at, which is acting and not trying to do what he actually can't and won't do.
    - Vince McMahon's music interrupts Punk, Vinnie Mac tells Punk that it's not his decision, and says that The Rock will indeed get another shot since last the RR's match ended in a controversial way, and he says that The Rock will be one of the 5 men who will face Punk for the title at the Elimination Chamber.

    - The SmackDown Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship will open the show, Alberto Del Rio VS Big Show VS Sheamus VS Randy Orton VS Wade Barrett VS Christian.

    - ADR & Orton are the last 2, ADR gets the win and retains, Randy gets up and gets mad big time and hits ADR from behind, but he is not done yet, as he punts him in the head officially making his long awaited Heel turn.

    - ADR is unconscious, Dolph music hits and he cash in his MITB briefcase to win the WH title.

    - Daniel Bryan def. Kane in a singles match.
    - Kaitlyn def. Tamina to retain the Divas title.

    - The RAW EC match is underway and the EC is lowering towards the ring, Vince music hits and the chairman appears , he says that this time there won't be any miracles to save Punk, because if Brock Lesnar or The Shield interfere, Punk will be eliminated and the crowds pops.

    - In the Raw EC match (CM Punk VS The Rock VS John Cena VS Ryback VS The Miz VS Kofi Kingston), CM Punk Ryback, Cena and The Rock are the last 4, Punk get into one of the chambers and refuses to come out (kinda like what HHH did against Goldberg in the 2003 EC match).
    - Ryback, Cena and Rock stare each other down and starts brawling, when suddenly Ohno and Wyatt appear among the crowd.
    - Ryback eliminates Cena, but can barely stand while Rock is down, The chamber opens for Cena to get out when Ohno and Wyatt get in and start brawling with the tired Ryback, they Punk is in shock as he sees the duo beating the hell out of Rock and Ryback.
    - They leave the chamber leaving both Ryback and Rock down, Punk gets the pin on Ryback, and tries to cover Rock who shockingly kicks out.
    - Punk stands waiting for Rock to get up, Rock barely gets up only to get GTS'd by Punk, and Punk retains the title again.

    WM Build Up:
    - Rock comes out and say how he sick of Punk undeservebly winning over and over again, Brock music interrupts and Brock comers outr, he tell Rock how he shouldn'y be worrying about Punk now, but he should worry about the pain that coming for him, and they stsart brawling building up their match at WM.

    - Cena says it has been a terrible year for him, and he want to end this curse with abig victory, and challanges Undertaker for a match at WM.

    - Daniel Bryan chooses to face CM Punk at WM for the WWE Championship.

    - The 5 members of the Shield announce that they want to take control of the WWE, and trhey are sick of this injustice by Vince McMahon, and say that they want the man behind them to take control of the WWE, because they know that he would be a better chairman than Vinnie ever was, but they still don't reveal; his identity.

    - Vince McMahon tells them that he is making a 5 on 5 match at WM, and he is gathering the top superstars of the WWE against them, and if they win, then he will resign from his position as the chairman and give it to "their man" whoever he is.
    - Vince makes the team of: Triple H, Ryback, Sheamus, The Miz and Mick Foley.
    - Wade Barrett continuous to disrespect Legends until Ric Flair steps in and challenges him to a match for the IC title at WM.

    - Wade Barrett def. Ric Flair to reatin the Intercontinental title.
    - Jack Swagger def. Antonio Cesaro to win the US title.
    - PTP def. Team Rhodes Scholars to win the Tag Team titles
    - AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn to win the Divas title.
    - Dolph Ziggler def. ADR & Randy Orton in a triple threat match to retain the WH title.
    - Undertaker def. John Cena to go 21-0
    - Brock Lesnar def. The Rock
    - Daniel Bryan def. CM Punk in a 60 minutes Ironman match to win the WWE title.

    - Now it's time for the 5 on 5 match elimination match, The Shield dominates andd manages to eliminate Sheamus, Mick and the Miz, so it's only HHH & Ryback VS the 5 superstars of the Shield.

    - Ryback starts beating the hell out of the shield towards the end of the match, and just when it looked like HHH and Ryback had a chance, the unthinkable happens..

    - HHH pedigrees Ryback in the middle of the ring and and stands in the middle of the ring with the shield around him, he looks at the shocked Vince with a sadistic smile on his face, while a member of the shield is covers Ryback..

    - Then HHH lays down for the shield to pin him, and the shield wins the match to reveal the shocking conclusion that the new chairman and the man who was behind them all along was non other than Triple H himself.

    AHH..I know it was a long read for those of you who actually read it. lol
    But I'll mark so hard if this actually happens.
  2. Double Thread! :facepalm:
  3. You accidentally double-posted :pity1:

    Either way, this would be awesome. Looking at 'Mania alone, you'd have Barrett become a star by going over a guy like Flair, Cesaro continue to be enough of a heat magnet to get Swagger over, Ziggler remains a star and he cashes in a way that makes sense, Punk and Bryan main event WM, Lesnar and Rock makes you a quick buck, Taker faces the one guy left who can conceivably end the streak, and you start a new heel faction that's sure to be ridiculously over and make a bonafide main eventer out of Ryback... and use Sheamus as filler.

    No complaints other than you probably can't book all that within 4 hours, and that you aren't part of the creative team yet.
  4. I booked it in less than 3 hours :pity1:

    I'm sure WWE creative will come up with something a lot better :maybe:

    And BTW, I don't see any double posts! :sad:

    EDIT: Just realized about the other thread, sorry.
  6. I reopened it in order for everyone to discuss my brilliant creative ideas :smug:
  7. Wrestlemania ending with HHH standing tall over young talent? I can dig that. :bury:
  8. HHH is the new Heel chairman of the board :yay:

    Plus, we all know that HHH always goes over young talents, he has an ego bigger than his penis :pipebomb:
  9. I just think you put way too many mic guys in the Shield. Ambrose, Ohno, Wyatt, and HHH aligned with them would give the individuals very little mic time I think.
  10. You have a point there, but I still think that HHH must be a heel COO somehow :sad1:
  11. Yeah, I know. In my booking games he's a heel authority figure, it would be nice to see him doing that. But only if they actually had important stuff for him to do, otherwise it'd take up loots of TV time for no reason.
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