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    Alright, so since I've been here, I've been VERY reluctant to post any lists involving wrestling (I've seen how discouraged opinions are handled here) lol but today, I'm going to post my "Fave 15" which is a list that changes every 6 months and it's basicially my 15 favorite wrestlers in WWE. This excludes any of my all time favorites that are still under contract a la Undertaker, Kane, Goldust etc and this excludes managers, announcers, interviewers, or any on screen power figure. Here is part 1, I'll upload part 2 & 3 soon! (Note, not checking for grammar or spelling because too lazy)

    15. 3MB
    Great start there EH BUD?! No but seriously, this will obviously be looked at as a stupid choice, especially considering I just put three people in one slot. I like 3MB for a few reasons, I find them to be funny, It's fun to cheer for them and as solo talents, I've liked them all for different reasons. This is quite a fall from grace for Drew, I was a big fan of his in his earlier days with WWE, great look, entrance, hair, voice and he had great facials (hah). I think Heath is extremely underrated as a performer, he's shown signs of briliance as a singles wrestler and as a tag wrestler and he is surprisingly good on the mic, remember when he was facing those legends? I thought he did really well for those few weeks and really held his own. Jinder is a home town guy, he's still green but I think he's got a lot of potential still. So that's 3MB, I think they're great lol

    14. Curtis Axel
    Poor Joe, the guy just can't get over. I think he's a really good wrestler and there's a lot of people who would agree, it's his mic skills and charisma that really suck. I don't want to say his time is starting to run out, but it seems like at his age, unless he improves his weaknesses enough, time is not on his side.

    13. Luke Harper
    I'm pretty sure everyone has drawn this conclusion but Luke Harper is pretty much a Bruiser Brody of the 21st century. I haven't really been a fan of brawling styles over the years, but I think Harper does a really good job of making it work in today's sports entertainment scene. I'd have to contribute a lot of his sucess with WWE to his opponents, they sell really well for him and that he has a mouth piece in Bray Wyatt. Regardless, I know he's had a lot of sucess on the indies and he seems to be getting over now with his unique look and insane manerisim so I look forward to seeing where his career goes.

    12. Roman Reigns
    Most disgusting spear ever. It's essentially a gore that's named "Spear" lol but regardless, it looks phenomenal. Beyond his finishing move, Roman appeals to me because of his role with The Shield and how well he plays it. He's the heavy that doesn't say much and does his talking (and yelling) in the ring and he does a pretty good job of it. Roman's biggest weakness is his actual promo's, the usual stuff we see of him saying a line or two in the Shield's backstage pre-tape promo's is great, his actual talking ability is god awful. People have had great careers and been awful at promos (Bret, Lesnar, Sid etc) so I think he'll be just fine. His moves are all huge and impactful and that's the kind of stuff the crowd likes.

    11. Summer Rae
    I haven't had a diva in my "fave" lists ever, so welcome to the club Summer! I think Summer is amazing, she's hot as hell, she is superseded only by Nattie and AJ (in terms of wrestling ability, maybe Paige as well) and I think she's playing her role as valet to perfection. I'll explain my affection for her through a timeline. First, I saw her with Fandango and thought she was hot as hell, that's an easy one. Second, during the dance of with Chris Jericho, I was legit fooled when they did the swerve and she was ok, I thought they were going to start making Fandango's character look like a douche when he was getting mad at her, they got me there. She was great during that segment, sold that injury like a pro. Third, in her first match (which I think was a tag match) whenever she would lose control of her opponent, she would yell or scream Fandango's name and I thought it was pretty funny. Fourth, she can FandanGO, didn't know she was a good wrestler! After her few seconds with Nattle, I went and watched some NXT matches and she honestly isn't bad at all, especially with the standars the women have set over the years. What does this all mean? It means I'm a total fanboy lool

    Feel free to agree or more than likely disagree with my opinions! Thanks for reading and see you in part 2!

    - Kooldip!
  2. 3MB and Axel. Nice start.
  3. Disappointed 3MB isn't higher up on the list. :sad:
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  4. Summer Rae above Reigns? Already done.
  5. She's fucking hot though. <3
  6. She got a fucked up face :eww:
  7. Fuck you. :cry:
  8. She looks like some sort of alien life form..blegh
  9. FUCK ALL OF YOU. :((
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  10. You tell em BOSS!
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