Other My favorite Youtube Channel is...

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. These cats are so chilled out and mellow, I love all 10 of them!!! :angry: :please:

    かご猫 Blog (Basket Cat Blog)

    かご猫 Blog

    You shouldn't be surprised. :kitler:

    What is your favorite?
  2. Don't really have a favorite, maybe RT News.
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  3. No conspiracy channels?
  4. Definitely AlphaOmegaSin

    Covers a lot of video game trailers, reveals, news and such. Also covers comic book stuff. Lot of commentary on gaming culture as a whole too.
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  5. Oh yeah, I like this one - Purvigiggle

    They haven't been uploading very much recently though. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  6. We know why...

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  7. Suppose Kinda Funny, barely even listen to them anymore though.
  8. Funhaus is top tier channel.
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  9. Totally forgot about this one MissHannahMinx

    Definitely my favorite. Though, I didn't really learn much Japanese :lenny:
  10. WhatCulture :hhh2:
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  11. Huh, I wonder why? :kappa:
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  12. which one?
  13. Gaming - Conflict Nerd Dylan
    Music - Vevo
    Vlog - InTheLittleDream (they split up though) or Syndie
    Also Looper does some cool videos
  14. Also, Xavier Woods' channel is top notch.
  15. The wrestling one. :hhh2:
  16. Oh, the best one.
  17. Funhaus is far and away the best gaming channel on YouTube.

    I actually don't watch many other people. I can tell you that I hate FilthyFrank though.
  18. I watch Arcade Cloud because black people are funny. I watch Dark5 and Alltime Conspiracies as well as Jacob Fox's channel. But I don't watch every video, usually just watch at night time or when I'm feeling a little to stressed out.

    EDIT: I watch the What Culture lists, but with the mark-filled WCPW, my interests with them is at an all time low. I also watch WWW, but he hardly posts his reviews on the shit wrestling stuff. I spend most of my time watching TheCubsFan, for obvious reasons.
  19. The only channel I watch religiously is the Phillip Defranco show.
  20. Jackfilms. But will probably end up being The Rock's channel once it starts
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