My Favourites #1: Kane vs Chris Jericho (Nov 2000)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. I feel like sharing some of my favourite matches ever, I'll post new threads from time to time with carefully chosen matches in WWE/F history.
    Here is Kane vs Chris Jericho at Survivor Series 2000, chosen for its great physical battle, and a great Chokeslam by Kane.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

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  3. ^definitely.
  4. kane isnt the best wrestler ever lol
  5. I'm talking WWF Kane, not awful pg era Kane.
  7. But Kane is not the best wrestler ever, not even Attitude Era Kane. I love his AE gimmick (badass masked guy destroying everything), and he works well for a big man, but he's not the best overall wrestler ever, no.

  8. [​IMG]

  9. Re: RE: My Favourites #1: Kane vs Chris Jericho (Nov 2000)

    He was never the best IMO, he was an agile big guy worker who could never cut a decent promo, sell or grasp psychology. Plus he never utilized any emotion, he was one dimensional. So many better wrestlers have stepped through the doors.

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  10. What's your obsession with Kane Pedo? he was never the best :haha:, I mean come one, can you honestly say he was better than Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH, The Undertaker to name just a few?
  11. Let's not go off-topic. This match was great tbh.
  12. Can't watch. :sad:
  13. When are you leaving the land of bad internet?
  14. I preferred the LMS at Armageddon tbh, still a decent match however.
  15. ^ me too, but I wanted to post a video with good quality.
    Who else absolutely loves Kane's entrance back then? Awesome music and a dark atmosphere, scary mask, huge guy. Always been my favourite entrance.

    Didn't see this post, and I'll answer it even though it wasn't directed at me. My opinion: Yes, he is better than all those wrestlers you listed and any other. Kane was so damn exciting for me to watch when I was younger, mostly down to the mask and mystery behind it.
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  16. According to my calculations, on the next weeekend.
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