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  1. I seriously love this forum i like how it looks like the design is perfect and talking about that we shouldn't miss out the theme which is also brilliant.

    I haven't met any staff yet without Crayo but everything seems calm and cool here so i'm really getting into it and it's a great place to be at, i really needed a non-dead WWE forum to be at and here i am thanks to Crayo.

    So this place is great and everyone around here is awesome!

    Good job sir.
  2. The theme will be changing a little bit shortly, just informing you.
  3. After observing your post with the utmost positivity, I have concluded that gratification is in order on behalf of the crew, however I shall leave that opportunity for Crayo to fill.

    Do ignore Xanth, for he is kept out of most levels of communication between the real founders of this forum, Crayo and I. He is merely a distraction.

    I like massive dick in my ass also I am also fond of having the male scrotum pressed firmly upon -- and subsequently into -- my read end. - Xanth
  4. Man I love feedback like this. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :emoji_slight_smile:. It does take a lot of stress/work a forum believe it or not, and positive feedback (or any polite feedback) really helps. Without members though we are nothing, which is why you'll see me constantly thank members and probably look a bit stupid doing so, but yeah; without them it's Anonymous trolling Xanth and Xanth getting mad at me :thumbup:.

    But yeah, thanks @[Zamorakian] :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. reflesh the plage clayo
  6. Can I troll Xanth @[Anonymous]? I would love to take over your job :emoji_heart:

    Plus, Xanth already loves me :wink:

    @[Crayo], pm me your MSN.
  7. Lol funny guys,
    So what does a Chairman do in this forum , is that a moderator?
  8. Administrators, it's just a wrestling-related name for it. :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Like "Creative" means "Development" :emoji_slight_smile:.

    We don't have Moderators yet as we don't have anyone really breaking rules at all here.
  9. I hate you all.