My feelings regaurding Recent WWE

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  1. SmackDown this week was Awesome GREAT MATCHES!:yay: could have had less storyline segments though. RAW was also good but not as good as SmackDown,:pity: the last match on RAW was awesome I mean COME ON! paul Heyman & CM Punk TOGETHER!? YES!:yes: But i have realized something, HHH's:bury: and Brock's Retirement is all KayFabe. quite honestly why would they do that?:dafuq: make them retire Kayfabe? all their doing is making people get mad, and whine how HHH and brock are gone, i seriously have a friend who said he will stop watching wrestling, (he never did) :pity: but recent WWE has been awesome Cage matches, going through tables CM Punk a heel again not to mention with HEYMAN! i kinda liked the Whole Kane Bryan thing. it did great on Friday when Bryan decided to turn on Ryder in the hug and turn it into his signature move. Sin cara's and Rey Myserio's match had Perfect flow! it ALL tied together, the best match Mysterio has had in a long time, Cara did well. But if HHH and Brock Really are going to have that Hell in a cell match that WWE creative was talking about next month, we shure will have one hell of a match, i just hope WWE does this Vickie & AJ thing good, because all i see coming from that is CRAP.:eww:
    Booker as GM has been quite well. (better than "Tag Team Playa" Teddy Long.) WWE has been less repetitive. I feel WWE is being better, it feels like a curse has been lifted. (And Stabbed into directly into TNA)

    Peace. :smug:
  2. It's alright.
  3. I was quite tired when i wrote this, sorry for my inconvenience, shortly i will be deleting this post.
  4. I was talking about WWE, not your post. Nice post.
  5. :smug: Oh, never mind don't need to delete it.
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