My final prediction for the Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. DC • 2 minutes ago ?
    Just looking at the people in the rumble, there's probably only 5 people who could win it. They being; The Miz, Ryback, Randy Orton, Sheamus and John Cena. Dolph won't win it because he's Mr MitB. They would have him coming in at 1 or 2 so he'll still have a good showing. Cesaro and Barrett won't win because they are the IC and US champs. Kane and Daniel Bryan won't win it because after they lose their titles they'll probably end up eliminating each other in the rumble and have a match at Mania. Out of those 5, I see The Miz winning, not just because he's my favorite but here's how I see the top matches playing out at Mania.

    John Cena: At the Rumble, Rock will beat Punk. At the EC, Cena will win a number 1 contender ship Chamber match. Rock will go one on one again with Cena for the title at mania. That eliminates Cena from winning the rumble.

    Orton/Sheamus: I see Sheamus Eliminating Orton at the Rumble AND Elimination Chamber only for Orton to destroy Sheamus before he leaves the chamber and that's when Show pins Sheamus and retains his title. Over the next few weeks, Orton and Sheamus get into it until a match for Mania is made. That eliminates Orton and Sheamus from winning the rumble.

    Ryback: I really think Big Show will beat Del Rio for the title at RR. During the rumble match, because Big Show had won the title earlier, he comes out and eliminates Ryback so he doesn't have to face him at Mania for the title. During EC someone (shield maybe) and destroys Ryback on for him to get back up and get hit with the KO punch to get eliminated. After Show retains his title, Ziggler cashes in. Big Show and Ryback go on to have their match at Mania with Ryback having his WM moment.

    The Miz: With all that being said, The Miz somehow gets the win at the RR. Backstage at EC, Miz and Ziggler get into it a little bit after Dolph wins the title from Show. Miz leaves and has a match with Cesaro for the US title. During the match, Dolph runs down and distracts The Miz giving Cesaro the win. The next night on RAW Miz announces he wants to challenge Dolph for the WHC for all the times he has beat him. Dolph will bring up the fact that Miz has never beaten him in 1 on 1 competition and Miz says he plans on that all changing at WM. Now if I could, I would have Miz beat Ziggler for the title, going 4-0, but I see Ziggler winning the match.

    What do you people think of my predictions? :emoji_slight_smile:
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