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  1. To clear up some confusion

    Firstly, I am not part of some conspiracy, that is a vicious rumor by someone who is overthinking things.

    Secondly, I am not quitting due to that skinny lad, or that big lass who troll my threads/

    The reason is because wrestling forums are not what they used to be. Back in 2003 you could come on to a wrestling forum and discuss the idotsyncricies of Cena, or why HHH was well on his way to becoming the greatest wrestler of all time. You could even talk about how great Orton was going to be before the business fucked up

    these days its all vacous video games and friverlous Hey Arnold humor, and nerds in denial. Us wrestling fans used to now our lot in life. You lot need to relaise as wrestling fans we are on the outskrits of society, you should not run from it, embarce it. listen to Manson and Nin, dont give a shit about fashion or the mainstream.

    I have tried several times to rally the troops, but you wrestling fans are lilly livered. Check out this response when i tried to get rid of Cena, who has runed out great business -

    I quit this forum and all wrestling forums, this is my last log in, any friverlous attempts to get me back on board will not work lads

    I bow to you all -
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  2. I'll miss you bud. That skinny lad has nothing on you.
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  3. Hey Arnold Humor?
    Stoop Kid aint afraid to leave his stoop.
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  4. Worst. Flounce. Ever
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    remember when wrestling forums were good? when they had blood, swearing and boobs? they suck now, they're so childish. wrestling forums have lost their edge and are now for little kids

    bring back the wrestling forums of old, thumbs up if u agree
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  6. Hey, are you from the part in Australia that killed that plane?
  7. Yeah, we all worked as a team to kill it in the name of Tony "Turn the illegals around" Abbott.
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  8. That dude should run for Governor of Texas.

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  9. The irony levels would be off the charts

  10. What about if I put my rump in your crotch?
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  11. Well, on your bike, then.
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  12. You come off as a bit pretentious by focusing this thread on yourself.
  13. Really? 2003 forums were better? Now being a long time follower of wrestling has thought me that the farther back you go in the history of the web's the more ruthless people were.
  14. I'll miss you, and I'll miss the reactions you cause.
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