My first Halo 4 Montage!

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  1. This is my first Halo 4 Montage, I know the editing isn't amazing but I think it turned out nice for my first montage. Also not sure what happened at the end with the credits, there was meant to be a clip playing from beginning to end but for some reason only part of it played the clip. If you enjoyed it please like, comment and subscribe! And also some constructive criticism would be nice :emoji_slight_smile:

    Watch in 1080p for best quality!
  2. Halo gives me shit and giggles
  3. Watching in 1080p and this is most definitely not 1080p. It's like a 640x480 that has been re-rendered to 1920x1080.


    I saw this:

    Reclaimer-K OneOneSeven 1 day ago
    I think something went wrong in your rendering, the quality is pretty? bad. What program did you use to edit this?

    BitchImWilliamMackay 1 day ago
    It's the capture card I use, watch in 1080p for best quality! I don't have a HDPvr so it won't be? the best and I also used Sony Vegas Pro 12 for this.


    A HD PVR is what you should be using to capture gameplay. What bitrate, resolution and FPS do you have it capture at?
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  5. Giving him advice on how to make his videos better. Fuck off :gtfo:
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  8. I don't have money for a HDPVR and it starts out with the quality at 360p but I then convert it to 1920 x 1080 so that when I render in Sony Vegas I can still obtain the highest quality possible. I know this is the best quality I can get for my capture card as I literally was testing every single option I was able to a while back.
  9. I just re-read your YT comment there, thought it said you do use a HD PVR lol, oops.

    Don't convert a 360p video to 1920x1080 resolution, you're ruining the quality more than it already is. A video has to be recorded at 1920x1080 (and considering you said the video is 360p definition, it's most definitely not recording at 1920x1080, else the source would be 1080p)

    Whether you run it through Vegas or not, increasing the resolution is killing your video quality man. You'd be better sticking with the 640x480 (rough guess) 360p def. quality than increasing the resolution.
  10. It stays about the same quality, maybe a little better at 1080p so I just do it like that, not to worried about it though as I'm hopefully buying a HD PVR off a mate soon.
  11. Trust me, increasing a 360p video 1920x1080 resolution does not keep it the same quality. And setting it as 1080p on YouTube doesn't increase the quality at all because the video is only 1000kbps bitrate and 360p to start with.
  12. From an editing perspective it was nice for your first try, since you chose all the right clips. IMO less walking more kills, shorten your clips, don't use dissolves as much, and put better music. I recommend some E.S Posthumus if you're going to use copyrighted music.
  13. Actually the music is what I was praised for the most with this montage :haha:

    But thanks for the tips anyway :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. No offense and all, but I don't see how as you made pretty poor use of the music.

    The clips and music are supposed to go hand and hand in a montage, with the gameplay syncing with the music. You've made a few attempts of doing that, but mostly it's just really irritating background music that serves no purpose at all.

    The music shouldn't just be there for the sake of being there, it should serve a purpose.
  15. I think it's more the choice of music that people enjoyed, out of every Halo forum I posted it on they said the music was "An amazing choice" or things along those lines. Also this was my first try at editing a montage so not everything will perfect. I'm happy how it turned out for a first.
  16. william send me all your raw clips and ill redo the montage even better
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