My Gay Marriage Rant

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Danielson, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Since when, does the right to marry come down to the opinion of a person or group? Marriage is a union of two consensual people. In the old days, marriage records weren't kept by the state in the form of a "marriage license", they were kept by the couple in their family Bible. Whether you believe or not in a creator, marriage is nobodies business except for God's and the loving couple.

    Somewhere along the line, the government stuck their nose into the "business" of marriage by drafting up a contract for both parties to sign. Again I ask, why does the government get involved at any level into the private relationship of any two people. If I wanted to marry a rock, or tree, or dog for that matter, as long as they consent to it, what's the big deal. A marriage simply affirms a couples love for one another.

    The extreme conservatives use the argument that marriage is between a man and woman....Period. They use the argument while holding their Bibles and spewing hate towards the Gay and Lesbian community. Something wrong with that picture. What happened to "He without sin cast the first stone.". We all sin on a daily basis, given that, how can the religious conservatives judge a couple for sinning, all the while sinning while they judge?

    The left or liberals use marriage as a progressive way of gaining popularity within the gay and lesbian community. The liberals fight for rights to marry. Again, politics should hold no bearing over who or what I intend to marry. Now that Obama has came out and publicly switched his opinion on the matter and states that he supports gay marriage, I guess every homosexual is supposed to run out and get married while praising the King for his position.

    Divide and Conquer. Marriage "Rights" are merely a tactic used to force us to disagree with one another. If the government had never interfered, we would all care less who is marrying whom. The media plays these snippets of our leaders spewing diarhetoric from their mouths knowing all the well that we are too stupid to actually figure out what is really going on.

    The right to marry will never be "given" to anyone. We own the right to love one another(no matter how much the feds try to stop it). If Bob and Al want to get hitched, great for them. No politician should ever pretend that they gave them permission to do so. Ben D. Ceived
  2. There is "State" marriage. Which is the basic marriage (96% of the US population gets) when you are married to the state. Given a divorce they have the rights to take your kids, your assets and through your ass in jail. They have yet to do all 3 but they have taken kids away from divorced parents. Its on record.

    Then there is God's form of marriage between a man and a woman. A vow for the man to love the woman as Jesus so loved the church, and the woman to take care of her man, their children and their home.... and more stuff I just don't feel like going into detail. lol

    Marriage don't mean crap to people anymore. (No offense to you, Danny) Everyone is getting divorced or cheating on their spouse or going crazy or blah blah blah. Marriage was intended to be a sacred bond between a man and a woman. The the government got hold of it and now its about being married to the state. Now its about money and hardly has anything to do with God or the church or any belief system. At least in the US.

    I am not for gay biblical marriage but if they want to be married to the state like the rest of us, have at it. They just sign over more rights to the government.
  3. Marriage used to be a sacred devotion between two people, to which I have no issue as anyone can fall in love.

    However nowadays it seems marriage is an excuse for many things, including huge divorce settlements, parties, and whatever else. There seems to be no sacred bond between ppl and no understanding of the sanctity of marriage.

    I'm all for gay marriage as many of my friends are gay but myself and many who I know will not get married as it carries a stigma and has no value in the modern day and age and it's a sad state of affairs but it's the way the world is turning at the moment.
  4. My point was that it's nobodies business except for gods and it doesn't matter what any government official has to say about it. Whether or not it's legal should not be interfered with for the beneficial aspects of an election. What you believe biblically is up to you. Quite frankly i don't give a rats ass what people want to do and don't see why you or anyone would care especially if you believe it's ultimately up to god anwyays.
  5. I wasn't intending to insult Danny if any of that aimed at me. I am for gay marriage I just don't see the point of marriage nowadays.
  6. No it was to any kind of biblical references. I meant you as like a reader not personally haha
  7. Sorry that was very vague. I'm eating arbys haha
  8. LOL no probs man just worried I had insulted u somehow haha.

    Hi btw as ur new to me as I've been away a for a few months.
  9. This is why I don't vote. Because I am not okay with gay marriage, basing my beliefs on the Holy Bible, If I vote against it, I am judging them. Its like a trick they do. I don't understand why people vote for or against it anyways. Like you said Danny, its up to God, and what you(individual person) believe he wants.
  10. Marriage has never been something created by religion. It was there long before the bible as well as before the old testament. It was born partially out of politics dating back to tribal politics between different tribes and villages. Marriage was a way for tribes to tie bands of friendship or stop wars alongside the way of binding two people that love each other together as a family and combining their two respective families. Church cannot define what love or marriage is since they are not the ones that invented it. Only society as a whole can and church has no power over modern day society in the western world.
  11. This is possibly disturbing below:

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  12. Hi man i joined the end of last month and love it here. Welcome back bro!
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  14. Debates are good for the mind. Everyone in this thread is officially exercising their opinion and that is a great thing. Respectfully as well, I applaud everyone :-)
  15. Cheers dude. Seem a very intelligent guy.
  16. Is that a....A...

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  17. I just like discussing topics that can be talked about and debated. I think it's good for us on the forum to not only be huge wwe fans but also discuss life issues. It adds another aspect to the forums. I like bringing it a couple times a week.
  18. So was that disturbing or sleazey? :ryan:
  19. That is a topic of debate as well. I'm leaning towards slightly disturbing haha
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  20. Disturbing lmao.

    And cool I like Danny already.

    I feign intelligence but I'm not that clever haha.
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