My gift to the forum...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Acailler, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Printed today, 300 copies, 1200 go out on email...Let's hope it brings in users!

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  2. That's awesome mate. Hope there is a few wrestling fans out there who see it and join up. WELL DONE though to all involved in making this happen!
  3. Haha, epic!

    Thank you @[Acailler]!
  4. Someone get Crayos boney, white ass in here...
  5. Great job man! Looks fantastic :happy:
  6. Paging @[Crayo] 's bony, white ass
  7. That is absolutely epic. Go rep this guy people!

    Who made that poster too? That looks really cool. Thanks man.
  8. Lady Deathbane made it
  9. People need to rep her too.
  10. Oh snap. I didn't want to click on any threads last night because I haven't seen Raw yet because of my dumb job but omg, yay! :yay:

    Err, where do you live @[Acailler]? Was wondering if you could possibly mail a copy to me. :hmm:

    I kinda have a thing about having a copy of all my stuff.
  11. Also reposting the poster if anyone wants a better look at it. :smug:

  12. We should replace the picture of Punk/Ziggler/Steen (or whoever the fuck) with that.
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  13. Liverpool....I don't know where you live :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: If it's anywhere in the UK then I can mail you a copy (Work expenses :smug )
  14. I think Deathbane is a Californian, in that case you could probably mail her just the page as a normal letter, all it would cost then really would be the extra stamps
  15. Lady Deathbane lives in San Francisco, lol.
  16. Steen, where?
  17. They're both Canadian. I guess Steen does kinda look like a fatter Roode. :hmm:
  18. Oh okay, nevermind. :upset:

    I live in US in California. :dawg:

    I would ask how much it would be and I'd send you the money but it seems like it'd be too much trouble so nevermind. :lol1:
  19. :yes:

    That looks nice! Well done Lady! :lady:

  20. I'll look into it...Claim it on expenses :smug:
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