My go at a banner.

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  1. i got bord so i made a banner Rate it XD




    4- @[Big Hoss Rambler] Request-
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  2. Like the second one. You should color the text how it is right now and its perfect.
  3. K Added it for you :O wt u think
  4. Looks perfect and better than the current one. I hope Crayon agrees because the current one is very outdated and couple of users have complained.
  5. :O that be epic. i didn't make it for use XD i just made it cuz i was Bord. but if it was added :O that be gr8 lol.
  6. So here is the thing. The banner is really broken into parts.

    Where the wrestlers are is really one part, which is this. [​IMG]

    Where you have the ring/logo thing would be a separate picture which is what [​IMG] this is.

    The rest of what looks like the banner *i think* is just the same as the title bars for the forums and stuff, like where it says "post a new reply". [​IMG]

    Just saying. I like your design, but how the coding is written currently it won't fit. They may change the coding though, idk.
  7. Well Crayo can PM me and i will break it into parts and give him it. if he needs me too. :emoji_slight_smile: so should not be a issue. good point tho!
  8. Cool. Well in any event I like the banners you made and any would be an improvement over the current XD
  9. :O be a honor lol In 3 days on here i have been accepted into 3 Groups made a uplaoder made tons of buddys. And now i might have a image i designed as the main banner :O this is like Awesome lol. i Love this forum.
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  10. Yeah, its a pretty awesome place :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. lol im ready to buy Superstar this Ring Cleaner gatta go XD i gatta make it SO DAMN SICK OF BEING SO DAMN SICK!
  12. Yeah, I got superstar but I decided to keep it as whatever I earned from posts (mostly because I had no idea what I
  13. The ring is really bland and dull tbh, mostly because of the WWEForums writing. Might wanna spice that bit up.
  14. the blue seems bland. the current one has different shades on it.
  15. its just a Gen Look the real thing is in parts.
  16. I like 4 the best
  17. Indeed, I also love 4 the best.
  18. Not really a fan of any of them to be honest. I'm not saying that they're bad, I'm just saying that I don't like them enough to use on the site.
    Good work though.
  19. Obviously this isn't down to me, but one of the few things I don't like about the theme of the site is the colour of the banner at the top; think it would look much better if it was grey.

    I like the new banners, I would just replace Fella and Cena with someone. You could always have people like Aries and Steen to branch out a bit. It would give first timers the impression that there is more to it than just WWE.

    Still cool design though, a lot better than the current one anyway.
  20. Remove Cena and maybe we'd talk business if I was in charge. Which I am not.
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