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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Urn Anderson, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Right, so i had this thought, just a quick one,What if CM Punk and R-Truth were a tag team, and Both Heel? I think they would be a really good tag team, your thoughts?
  2. CM Punk is so far ahead of R-Truth in star power, it would make Punk look like shit to be honest.
  3. Would nevr work punk i thought was so gay when he was heel and truth is just dumb just a horrible tag team
  4. They wouldn't work well in my opinion however I see the similarities, e.g, When Punk doing a shoot promo on Cena and when R Truth talked about Lil Jimmy's. If you were to create a decent tag-team with R Truth then I recommend WWE pairing him up with The Miz again, awesome truth where so awesome.
  5. Heel R Truth outside WWE PG = awesome.

    Heel R Truth inside WWE PG = ridiculous.

    If anything, I'd love to see Daniel Bryan & CM Punk form a 2 Man Power Trip-esque type tag team.
  6. Bullshit. R-Truth's heel run when he was talking about the conspiracy as a normal person = awesome. This little jimmy bullshit is ridiculous. Truth was exceptional as a heel, I loved the smoking segment.
  7. Just because it's PG doesn't mean R Truth's character's ridiculous, I personally think his heel run was very entertaining.

    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jehrico. :obama:
  8. R Truth's character in general is ridiculous. I just can't get into it. As a matter of fact, no heels can get good heat because of how nice they have to be (PG + Be A Bully).

    If they just allowed R Truth to start insulting white people, and get a girlfriend and treat her like shit... that would be awesome.
  9. When he teamed up with the Miz, Miz was about on par with Punk now. It could work.
  10. Already had a similar storyline with the likes of AJ and Daniel Bryan.
  11. I agree on Punk & Bryan as a heel team.
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