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  1. Hello all,

    I'm Ryan Albin (hence the name R'Albin) I'm 15 and just got back into wrestling this summer. I started half watching circa 2004, where one of my mates showed me the best Pay-per-view matches for free. At that time my favourites were Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero who remains my favourite of all time, just a shame he was around before I properly started watching.

    I started watching wrestling weekly around 2006/2007, of course being only 10/11 at the time I always favoured the faces. Apart from Rey Mysterio, John Cena and the Undertaker strangely.

    I stopped watching at the end of 2008 and rejoined again after Punk's shoot after I heard all about it. I never got properly into it until before Summerslam but I've caught up on all that happened previously.

    I eventually started watching Raw weekly again, and then I came across the "IWC" and I don't mean to sound like a prick, but wrestlingforum,com does attract a fair few arseholes. Nonetheless I do enjoy all the discussion and there's some very good posters on there. I gradually began to view it in a different way than I used to. I now cheer for heels: Barrett, Ziggler, Bryan and I actually respect who's good on a mic, in the ring etc not just who vince wants me to like.

    The only wrestling shows that I watch are Raw and Smackdown, I want to try get into the indies but I just haven't bothered to yet. One day I will bring myself to watch an impact, but seriously it just seems like it's a bunch of jerriatrics who were previously in the WWE with a few talented young guys as well. Still I haven't watched so I shouldn't judge!

    My favourite superstar is probably CM Punk, I just find him so interesting as a person and it is so refreshing to have a guy like him at the top compared to Batista, Cena and Orton who were a little bland to be honest. Others that I enjoy are - Jericho, Bryan, Ziggler and Barrett. All time my favourite superstar is Eddie Guerrero by a margin, my other two would be JBL and Shawn Michaels.

    I will be using the website regularly I think and of course It was p.roph (word filtered for lols, since no one knows who he is lol - Crayo) who showed me the website xD

    One question - how long has the website been running?
  2. Nice introduction Ryan.

    It's nice to read someone's journey into the IWC. I was the same, watched when I was young, stopped, watched it again after getting Sky years ago, became addicted and became part of the IWC. And I agree, not just that site but quite a few there's loads of trolling/flaming for opinions which we try to avoid here. An opinion is never wrong right?

    You're very mature for a fifteen year old, I've seen plenty of people who blindly hate on TNA (I used too) when they have never seen it. It did used to be old former WWE wrestlers hogging the main event spotlight, but I do advise watching it now, there's some real good quality wrestling on there and the show is much more around talent than the older guys, but it's far from perfect in that department yet.

    Also, this site has been up for 2 and a half months now. We've come quite a long way in a short period of time :emoji_slight_smile:.

    P.S The guy who referred you is a legend around here, no one knows who he is lol. We filtered his name because of a hilarious thread in the locker room (off-topic section) which was quite funny.

    Welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Haha, yeah got sent a link to that thread !

    This forum has a lot of members considering how long it's existed. And 9000 posts :emoji_hushed: Looking forward to using it and will enjoy seeing it grow even more.

    I was saying the exact same thing to the guy who referred me to here about opinions, I hate how on some boards folk seem to think that everything they say is right and everything that other say is wrong. That annoys me a wee bit.

    I will give TNA a go, people have been saying it's gotten better recently so I will give it a watch.

    But yeah It would be interesting to find out how everybody became an IWC member, probably the same way as we did I guess.

    Thanks for the welcome, oh and I'm not sure about mature, lol :emoji_wink:
  4. You're more mature than Crayo and I combined probably.

  5. Haha yeah we're all a bunch of spammers here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Tomorrow is the RAW discussion thread and we tend to pass over 1,400 posts in the day here when it's Monday. Hope we can see you in there :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Oh yeah, welcome to the site as well. Shit.
    Crayo, he said "wee", do you know how happy that makes me?
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  7. He's Scottish, I told him how happy you would be.

  8. Haha, and thanks for the welcome :emoji_wink:
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  9. By the way you're a Celtics fan or a Hibbs fan, I can't see the avatar properly. :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Oh I'm a Hibee, it was on that I started my forum life a couple of years ago..
  11. Oh I see fair enough, was going to ask you what you felt about the Rangers situation if you were a Celtic fan lol.
  12. Oh I think they should be punted down to the third division because they've basically cheated to get to where they are, by spending money they don't have. If they somehow end up debt-free and in the SPL next season I could see a lot of fans turning their backs on Scottish football.

    Oh and they are delusional fannies :laugh:
  13. Oh god, they remind me of the Liverpool fans. What a bunch of idiots lmao.

    Never thought of it from that perspective to be honest. Sky Sports news tend not to report it like that.

    You're right though, I agree.
  14. I know, thought it was just a minority of the Rangers fans before I read that! Unbelievable stuff!
  15. My first thread :yay:
  16. Welcome to the forums, Lord R'Albin, I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as we are. :trolldance:
  17. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here, be sure not to get into to much trouble now :otunga:
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