Royal Rumble My Last minute Fantasy Booking for the Rumble

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  1. Since everything is set for tonight, i'm gonna post my idea on how WWE could capitalize on this night, but it's obviously what they are not gonna do, i'm just gonna do the rumble match for this.

    Shaddix's crazy head (open)

    Entry # 1 Roman Reigns
    Roman comes down with his belt looking strong of course, the ref takes his belt, raises it then sets it on a table near the announce table, now there is a long pause before number 2 as Reigns chills waiting for the his first opponent, then the lights go out, 20 seconds later, we hear a heart beat and see red lights, holy shit...
    #2 Finn Balor
    That's right, entry number 2 is Finn Balor, the NXT champ, all decked in his demon attire and face paint, the crowd is fucking nuts, Finn hands his belt to the ref and the match begins.
    They go back and forth for the 90 seconds, Finn pulls off some cool shit and Roman actually works really well too looking decent... until number 3... which makes people go crazy even more, time to play the game folks.
    #3 Triple H
    How about to make Hunter look good they have him come in early? Roman and Finn stop and look as Triple H comes out to his prestigious entrance made great by the late Lemmy. He gets in the ring an clotheslines both Reigns and Finn. Reigns goes for the spear but Hunter proves he is the veteran, BY ELIMINATING HIM, that's right Reigns is the first eliminated and there is shock among the crowd.
    Reigns walks away pissed off as Hunter turns his attention to Finn, help then comes for Triple H
    #4 Sheamus
    Sheamus stacks the odds against Finn by alligning himself with Triple H, but Finn holds on, as somebody comes in the even out those odds.
    #5 Dean Ambrose
    With Ambrose's help it's now a 2 on 2 situation, the IC title match was the first match of night (and I hope it is so both Ambrose and Owens get in), now we have the ring build up a bit
    #6 Curtis Axel
    #7 Big E
    #8 Heath Slater
    Slater and Axel team together of course
    #9 Kevin Owens
    Now Owens comes in, of course injured too, his focus is Ambrose but Balor wants him too, but soon Owen's focus will change...
    #10 Sami Zayn
    He's back! This will be Zayn's official roster debut as he goes for Owens, but they just fight for a bit, no one will get eliminated for while.
    #11 King Barrett
    Help for Sheamus
    #12 Kofi Kingston
    Help for Big E
    #13 Bo Dallas
    #14 Kalisto
    #15 Alberto del Rio
    Now more eliminations come, Balor eliminates Bo
    #16 Dolph Ziggler
    #17 Big Show
    Big Show eliminates Slater and Axel
    #18 Adam Rose
    Then Owens punches Rose right outta there
    #19 Samoa Joe
    Oh boy... Balor, really tired looks as Joe makes his way down, now they start a big fight
    #20 Xavior Woods
    The New Day now dominates with the power of 3, for once we don't have a Kofi false elimination because i'm gettin tired of that
    #21 Rusev
    #22 Bray Wyatt
    Bray is the only member of the family in there, because later the fam will help him
    Owens eliminates Zayn
    #23 Ryback
    Big Show gets eliminated by a ton of superstars
    #24 Neville
    Ziggler and Del Rio get eliminated
    #25 Brock Lesnar
    all the action stops as the beast incarnate enters and he DESTROYS as he eliminates all New Day members, Kalisto, Ryback, King Barrett, and Samoa Joe
    #26 Stardust
    Immediatley eliminates by Lesnar, who's on a war path, but that ends... when number 27 comes in... and everyone goes bezerk
    #27 Daniel Bryan
    YES YES YES, everyone is going fucking nuts, even Triple H is shocked as Bryan takes out Sheamus and Rusev, the last 2 League members in there, it should be Balor, Triple H, Bryan, Lesnar, Wyatt, Owens, and Ambrose left
    #28 Chris Jericho
    #29 D-Von dudley
    The dude has never been in a rumble, it's time
    #30 The Undertaker
    Everyone stops as the deadman comes out and tries to reclaim the title, but he comes face to face with KO, and they explode, Ambrose will be out first, then Lesnar eliminates both KO and Taker as they fight, and then Bray fights Brock, until the rest of the family comes in and helps him out, Brock is eliminated, then Finn after putting up a fight with the family followed by D-Von, Bray is standing strong showing an alliance with Hunter as Bryan is the only dude left as well, until Bryan gets some help from Roman, he comes in and helps Bryan with the Usos as they chase off the rest of the Wyatts, Bryan uses this advantage to eliminate Bray, then Hunter.

    Your winner and new WWE champion, Daniel Bryan

    Any of you guys have any last minute ideas for tonight?
  2. Man, DB coming back and finally winning the damn thing would be a pipe dream. But, we all know how :Mugshot: feels about it.

    I'd be flabbergasted if anyone else other than Reigns, Lesnar or Triple H won it.
  3. Bray Wyatt is extremely possible
  4. Nope, not in my book. But, that's what WWE wants everyone to think after this past week's Raw episode. They protected The Wyatts and made 'em look like an actual threat, and they'll do some damage in the Rumble for sure, but neither Bray nor his family members are going to win the Rumble.
  5. sigh... i honestly predict nothing good tonight at all from this event
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