My love for wrestling has died

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lacky, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Sadly it has, I've missed two weeks of Raw and iMPACT then I finally tune into the PPV and I'm seriously like "WTF, why am I watching this?"

    First of the pre show. Yeah I like it. Then you have the first surprise 5v5. Brodus can't elimate Tensai but somehow Gabrielle could with a botched roll up... Yeahhhh okay.

    Then the Divas match.. You have Kaitlyn killing Eve for a good 5-7 minutes. Eve wins. It's like a giant dick being slapped in your face. Then the 5v5 traditional elimation match. Bryan a submission specialist tapping out with what 4-5 seconds?... Yeah sounds about right...

    Not forgetting you have Sheamus vs Big Slow the match before which was the worst match I've seen in 2012. Then you have Sheamus beat him up with a chair giving him about 20 chair shorts... previous weeks commentators are saying "Ziggler can cash in any place any time" blah..blah.. Okay so why didn't he?

    Then you have the finale the pinacle of the PPV. Which ended the exact way I predicted. It's just very mediocre, annoying stuff.

    I don't know. I guess I've just seen the light. I don't know. I just sat here for 3 hours 3 minutes questioning what I'm doing up at 3am watching this :pity1:

    You know? I guess I don't like wrestling the same way I used to? I always watching Wrestling because I wanted to see Triple H every week, and now he's not there... and it's so god damn predictable...?

    Don't even know why I wrote this thread because it's probably a load of jargen given the time, and fried my brain is.


    EDIT :

    Yes, I am indeed an arse.
  2. I know how you feel. It happened to me like two months ago when I quit the forums but now even though I'm back I'm not completely back into fan mode. But I will deff watch RAW at ease tomorrow since its thanksgiving break.
  3. Happened to me and all Lacky which is why I'm only recently returned and thats due to my gf bein a wrestling fan so ended up watching again.

    Keep the faith something or someone will grab ur attention i have Punk who I mark for.
  4. :dawg:

    Tbh I loved SS, though there were a few mistakes I agree. Dbry tapping out that fast was one of them, and Miz getting eliminated was another. Kinda ruins his momentum tbh.

    Didn't find anything wrong with Show/Sheamus, infact enjoyed it more than the last one. Yeah the ending was shit, but a pretty good match before that. I think the reason why Ziggles didn't cash in was because he was way out of the ring, and he had to lift that dead weight into the ring to pin him.

    And who cares if the end predictable? What will happen after won't be. Give it some time. This is coming from me, a guy who absolutely hates the WWE right now.
  5. Yeah.. quote a man with a few grammar mistakes at 4 in the morning.. :finger:
  6. No I was quoting it for the HHH part :pity1:
  7. I think he's laughing because of the HHH reference, he's pretty hated on in the IWC.

    Moving this to PPV section.
  8. Daniel bryan tapped out?? Fuck that
  9. Did Lacky, Cloud, Acailler, Dolph's, Asskicker, Rain, and Hannah fall out of love with wrestling, or did wrestling fall out of love with itself? Hard to get behind a business that can't get out of its own way.
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  10. DB tapping made me sad. :sad:

    The botched roll up looked bad indeed. On the Divas match too, I particularly wasn't that pissed but I see your point. The Ziggler thing they probably thought about, they want him to cash in on Sheamus at TLC I'm sure, but they didn't want Sheamus to look weak tonight so he had to beat Show up, and Dolph not to cash in (in kayfabe logic) they made it happen outside of the ring, because yes, it's anywhere and anytime, but the title match is a normal match so the fall can only happen between the ropes, in theory he couldn't drag Show to the ring to pin him. The ending of the ME was actually nice because of who attacked Ryback and how the actually mentioned they're from their developmental place NXT, but I once again understand your displeasure. Agree with the HHH thing. :downer:
  11. I pretty much hate wrestling right now (except for TNA of course) and I still find the time to watch it every week. Granted I barely discuss it at all, as you can see with my activity on this forum. As I tend to not like bitching, there really is not much to discuss :dawg:

    I dunno why, but I can't stop loving it even though I mostly hate it.
  12. Last night is an example of why I still watch it and enjoy it.
  13. If you're only watching to see HHH then you're just a mark, not really a wrestling fan.
    Kinda like how kiddies only tune in to watch Cena "overcome the odds" and don't care about anything else, can they really be considered wrestling fans?

    But anyway, I see where you're coming from. I haven't really been paying attention to wrestling for a couple months now, but Ambrose debuting last night might turn things around.
  14. Closing this as these views were made by a rambling fool at the early hours of the morning. I do not nor condone such views.
  15. I nearly posted (in fact I did but the site bugged and it didn't post) that if you slept on it you would feel better. I have raged many times at gimmicks and decisions but then marked for them the next day. Jericho returning and not speaking made me so mad in the discussion thread, but the next day I thought it was genius.

    Glad you've seen the light though. Was worried for a second :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. It's okay. I'm sorry for clearing making myself look like a complete a**hole. I won't be watching Raw live tonight, I'll watch it Tuesday morning. Just so I can wrap my head around it. All the nights with only 2 hours sleep are clearing catching up to me. :maybe:

    So maybe I'll retire from Live Discussions...for a short while so I can really appreciate what goes on in wrestling because when you post 400+ times in a discussion thread you do miss key moments. :pity1:
  17. Probably a good call. Though you have the power to just tone it down like I do, lol. I normally post through the shitty matches I don't care about to entertain myself and make time seem faster, and then watch the parts I do care about and post about them after. Many people prefer watching it the day after, but I prefer to watch it live tbh. Music during adverts, discussion during shit matches, all good.

    Though your lack of sleep is probably new to you, I'm used to no sleep. You could just wake up later though? Unless you have commitments.
  18. Lack of sleep is nothing new to me. I've been getting around 2-3 hours sleep for around 4 years now. :maybe: So yeah, but I have this weird obsession that I've always got to be FOTW I don't know why. I guess I just don't like people winning it. But yes I'll be watching Tuesday morning today as I'm super tired already, and I have to usually stay awake until 1am anyway to let my stepdad in from work.
  19. Know that feel bro. :sad:

    Want to see HHH every week too. :downer:

    Times have changed, and times are strange. :cry:
  20. Lol fair enough, try get over that obsession. Much more fun just relaxing and raging at the product when it's shit and celebrating it when it's good.
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