My Love Rant

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Men are reallllly funny. This is a subject that makes me uncomftorable. The majority of men will meet a woman and after the first date will say "I could marry her, she could be my wife" Men fall in love quicker than women. The problem is, what are you falling in love with??? Pink Floyd has a great album called "The momentary lapse of reason" (one of the best albums ever written) anyways ..... It's all about love, and "is it the hand of fate that fits like a glove?" or is it really love. Most people who fall in love aren't in love. They are in love with the idea of love. Not only that, you can't fully fall in love until you've worked out your own relationship issues. Love is something that you can't take for granted, you can't look at someone and say you love them, when you don't even know them. Secondly, how do you love someone you just met? You lust them, you want them, you desire them, but you don't love them. You can' t love someone until you have known them for atleast a year. You have to see them in every situation, see what their about. Got to look at their moods and their ups and down. At the beginning all they are delevering you is the best version of themselves. Next time you think your in love, take inventory of it because i gurantee you you're not. Alright guys..... let's go find some people to love :-) Thank you for reading
  2. I thought I was in love a few weeks ago, then I realized she liked Aerosmiths new album she wasn't my type.

    I'm very picky. Hue.
  3. You and I.. We aren't so different after all
  4. I thought I was in love. I dated a guy for nearly three years until I just woke up one day and realized that I was in the love with the idea of love... Not him! I dumped him. He lied, cheated on me... blah blah. I've come to realize real love is a choice. Love is not an emotion. You choose to love someone and if you feel like you don't have the choice, its not love, just lust and infatuation... Which is why many relationships end. Lust and infatuation never last. Most people experience it when they first start dating someone. Eventually this goes away and you either choose to truly love them or your left with an empty, meaningless relationship.
  5. Britanica is wise and stuff
  6. I love you Dannyboy
  7. Love you too
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