My man Bill Clinton BURIED any chance Romney had of getting elected in November

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. For anyone who hasn't seen it:

    Romney's chances were already in the toilet, but he is finished now. 28 million viewers watched Bill tear the roof off the DNC.

    Barry Obama didn't stand a chance following that act. His speech was aight doe.

    2 term amendment needs to be rescinded so we can put Clinton's fly ass back in office
  2. A speech by Clinton isnt going to reelect Obama. The polls havent budged. I have to say I'm a little disappointed that Clinton is going out of his way to support Obama. He's trying to put on the illusion that he and Obama are just like each other, which is hilarious. Obama can't hold a candle Clinton
  3. The polls not moving doesn't mean it won't have an affect. Romney needs MORE votes. Just because he didn't lose votes doesn't mean it wasn't the last nail in his coffin. Nobody that was on the fence that watched that speech is going to say 'okay, I'm going to vote Romney'.

    Romney was never going to win this election, but he certainly isn't winning shit now
  4. I think most people that are on the fence will still be there until the 1st debate. Conventions really do nothing more than rally the base. I also think that Romney has a hell of chance at winning and idk why people sell him so sort. With the economy being the way it is, Obama has some big problems coming his way when he has to explain that during the debates
  5. I still say that Bill is the best president the United States has had since JFK. Bill is so fly.
  6. Not sure what JFK did that was so great besides being a handsome mafucka and being charismatic as fuck.

    Bill is the shit though. You can't question his politics or results, the only knock on him is he got caught getting head in the white house. big deal, like every president doesn't get ass on the side. Bill is the best since FDR in my eyes
  7. Precisely. Bill is also an incredibly skilled and charismatic negotiator. I remember back in 2010 I think when two American journalists were caught sneaking into North Korea, Bill went down there and had them out in 45 minutes. :dawg:
  8. Yea I remember that. Bill was probably chilling in bed with two broads and he got an urgent call from Barry Obams

    Obama: Bill, we've exhausted all of our resources. These Koreans will not relinquish the journalists that are... Bill?
    Bill: awwwwww yea. Just like that. Wait, who is this?
    Obama: This is President Obama
    Bill: Oh, Barry, watsup my man?
    Obama: These American journalists are being held hostage in North Korea and we have tried everything..
    Bill: Send me a private jet with your wife in it and I can get those hostages free in 10 minutes
    Obama: :tough: . Fine :obama:
  9. I imagine him just strutting up to Kim Jong, sitting down in his lap, batting his eyelashes and feeding him ice cream. Boom! Free journalists.
  10. Reagan > Clinton

    And not a single one of them is fit to hold the jock of Theodore Roosevelt.


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  11. There isn't a man, woman, plant or machine in existence that can hold a torch to Roosevelt, possibly Sweden's old warrior king Karl the twelfth. The man who took his army, plundered his way through Europe and chilled in Turkey for a couple of years and then left when it was time to pay the tab whilst bitch slapping the Turkish king. But just maybe.
  12. I'm not updated on this, but why isn't Bill in the running? I haven't watched this either, but I'm glad Romney has apparently been buried, the guy is a fucking moron and will talk you into war with anyone and everyone.

    I still haven't forgiven almost all Americans for not voting Ron Paul.
  13. Clinton has already served 2 terms of a total of eight years. He is not eligible to have another run.
  14. Why...?
  15. Something in their constitution/laws. A president can only serve two four year terms.
  16. Makes sense I guess :urm:
  17. hows that Koolaid taste
  18. No idea what to even make of this post. Are you actually trying to boast that your country gets into a lot of wars or...?
  19. drink the Kool-Aid-to succumb to any external influence that affects a person's opinion of something.
  20. You mean like how you have been drinking right wing kool-Aid? :burns:
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