My man Bray vs Dean stole the show

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. My man Bray vs Dean stole the show that was an amazing match and im so glad Bray is in the MITB match yessssssss I want him to win the titles

    On another note Bray really needs to get new pants as those white pants are not helping him I noticed he was pulling them up loads during his match with Dean and you could even seen the lining of his underwear and also his fat belly at cetain points in the match. Get new pants Bray
  2. good points lad
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  3. Didn't you make a bray pants thread already? :idk:
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  4. Instead of Bray/Kelly Kelly/ Paige threads, I think we should just combine all the BFFL threads and make it a LR thread,
  5. You're a Bray Wyatt fan now?

    What the......

  6. Well....welcome to the bandwagon, mi amor.

    Glad to have you on-board.

  7. Nice, before you said Bray Wyatt sucked and now within the month, because everyone else likes him, you hop onto the bandwagon.

    Fuck off.
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  8. why so angry lad

    the lass in just stating her opinion
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  9. a lot of these angry lads have daddy issues and were obviously bullied

    possibly small below the belt as well

    better to leave them be lad
  10. I posted a while ago saying I had changed my mind on Bray and I like him now
  11. Good for you!

    "He's got the whole world in his hands."

  12. lass not lad, you know the difference bitch :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: just fuckin with you.

    Who the hell is Bray Wyatt?
    It's all about transgender Sister A-Bo-gail!
    All you gotta do is.. BO-LIEVE!
  13. BO-LIEVE!!!!!!!!!


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  14. Does Brock know you're cheating on him?
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  15. y so gRumPY
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