My man Brock is looking in fine shape

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. My man Brock is looking in fine shape he has defintely been hitting the gym hard and this feud with CM Punk is gonna be fucking awesome
  2. Don't really think it'll be so awesome, but Punk can do a great job
  3. so threadworthy
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  4. Roids get a wellness check done.
  5. How is your account going on the other forum?
  6. lol
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  7. Should I make a thread like titled "My man Jeff Hardy is drugged and ready to fight!"?

    Maybe it's content can be this:
  8. The match should be great. What better combination to perform the underdog scenario? I can't wait. Punk will get flung around like a cat by Brock, and Punk will sell it wonderfully.
  9. I love that there is not a single use of punctuation anywhere in the original post. Kudos.

    I care nothing for Brock. I'm not overly interested in the feud, but hope it goes well.

    Can I start making random threads about Superstars' muscular appearances, perhaps including photos of said Superstars in gyms actually working out? I just thought it was a given that they all work out, but I guess not.
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  10. Your username has never been truer when it comes to Blffl's threads,haha.
    Also,I wouldn't mind a thread about Ambrose's musular appearance. If you provide photos make sure they show off his pecs.:gusta:
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  11. You wanted something like this?


    Seth Rollins :gusta:
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  12. Haha, thanks!

    Now you're talking. :gusta: I'm on it.

  13. Quit stealing thunder from my forthcoming thread! :aries:

    Also .... the things I would do to the one on the left and the one on the right. The one in the middle can :gtfo: .
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  14. Would he need to :gtfo: if I find a picture of him without that horrible t-shirt?
  15. Ambrose:fap::fap::fap:

    Any time and I can't wait,lol.
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  16. Sadly, yes. :pity: Reigns just doesn't do it for me. Ambrose and Rollins -- absolutely do.
  17. Can this picture be true?

  18. Ok. They need appreciation so they deserve a thread.
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  19. Done. :smug:
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  20. Yeah,Ambrose was not only a druid in the 2008 RR he also competed against M&M at Velocity in 2006.
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