Spoiler My man Brock just proved he is the beast and the best

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  1. My man Brock just proved he is the beast and the best by beating CM Punk yesssssss nobody can stop Brock
  2. Could you please don't spoil the match's result in your next thread title?
  3. Spoilers, You used the spoiler tab and spoiled the result.

    Anyway, Brock aint the best but props to him and Punk, great match.
  4. Something is gonna happen tonight with all this...I feel it coming...
  5. Punk said he isn't through with Heyman. He said after his match in an interview that he wants to give Heyman stitches in his head, and he isn't done with him in a long shot. Which makes me think Punk vs. Lesnar II will happen, and Punk will win.
  6. FALSE! Chris Nowinski is the best.
  7. Or... Punk vs Curtis for the IC title at Night of Champions...
  8. They would need to find some way for Axel to win over Punk, Punk doesnt need another IC Title reign.
  9. I think they can give more prestige to the IC title. Think about it. Big E isn't able to fight for the big titles so the IC title would fit on him. His feud with Ziggler can continue for the IC title because Ziggler defeated Punk in a title match. And so on. I think it would be dope.
  10. Lesnar destroyed that little boy, it was so fun to watch that match.
  11. I will never understand why people go apeshit for Brock Lesnar. I didn't understand it when he first debuted, and sure as hell don't understand it now.

    His promos are horrible and usually half-assed. It's always obvious he needs Heyman to win. Him trying to act like he was going to tap to Punk's submissions was almost embarassing.
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  12. I'm the one who sucked his dick sunday night, im not sure what you are talking about BLFFL.
  13. :true:
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  14. yeah you were the one videotaping. It could have been you, but the beard fucked it up. #Babyface.
  15. Who knew Brock's skin was so sensitive?

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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. He looks like an absolute beast who could literally kill you if you ended up in a fight with him, so he definitely carries a lot of credibility with him as a character, athlete and performer in the ring. He was/is rather awesome in the squared circle and he's a freak of nature to be as athletic as he is for a guy his size (he once did a shooting star press off the top rope. He botched it, but still.) He isn't the best on the mic, but when he talks only sparingly and even then says very few words (his last two promos were the first time he's spoken aloud in a year, for example), then his words mean a lot more.

    It's the fault of the booking as far as Heyman needing to bail Brock out of trouble in the ring. That's just WWE putting their 'superstars' over a guy whose biggest claim to fame was being UFC champion and being the biggest attraction in UFC history. Him coming right in and jobbing to Cena right off the bat was obviously their way of saying WWE>UFC. I didn't have a problem with him acting like he was on the verge of tapping to Punk's Anaconda Vice though, it helped build suspense and drama into the match. It also emphasized the strengths that a guy like Punk could use on the larger Brock, by showing that if he could just get him down into a submission hold and slap it on tight, he could maybe defeat him.
  18. Apart from Punk as without Heyman Brock was beat so shhhhhhh.

  19. You make good points. But honestly, if physique counted that much these days then there would certainly be a lot more people getting behind built people like Ryback.

    My issue isn't that he isn't physically capable, because he is. I just don't understand how a guy w/ very poor mic skills and not an original personality by any stretch has so many people behind him (especially as a heel)? I can't think of many supestars in the WWE, past or present, who could pull that off.
  20. The match was great IMO. Not a fan of Brock, but what a physical specimen. I loved when he shoulder tackled the stairs Punk was holding to get at Punk. Dented the shit out of those stairs. And the Kimura on Punk looked horrible. His arm was all backwards and shit. :cry: