My man Brock will pull a shocker and beat Undertaker

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. My man Brock will pull a shocker and beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 just you watch
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  2. Literally the most non-thread worthy thing you've done.
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  3. If you really think Brock deserves to beat Taker, go watch HBK vs Taker at WM 25 in 2009. That match was fucking amazing, and they had Shawn lose to set up his retirement rematch next year. Given that I think Shawn should've ended the streak, he was the only one really deserving of ending the streak, especially with his history with Taker, and how perfect their matches were along with storyline.

    The only person that currently still wrestlers today that even deserves to end Taker's streak is Kane, and that's for obvious reasons.
  4. Make a thread explaining your thoughts and opinion and how this would happen provide some proof if you want and there you go, this is garbage.
  5. This is almost as useless as dolph's time in IWT.
  6. are you one of those dipshits that didn't read my entire funeral promo?

  7. I read it, you came back to life! I'm saying this as a reference to your Buffer accomplishment reading in your funeral promo.
  8. Now for one thing, they only have three Raws to build to this match. This Monday, March 24th and 31st.

    Another thing, clearly you don't understand kayfabe
  9. Well either way my feelings are hurt now.

    charlie brown walk on outa here
  10. Um..... No. Just no.
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  11. Hey, i'm sorry, will a lollipop help?
  12. only if its a red tootsie pop
  13. Oh yeah it is.
  14. Think you need a new calendar dude.

    Kane LOL
  15. March 3rd to 24th? DAMN! They skipping shows!
  16. That's not right it's the 3rd-10th-17th-24th-31st and don't forget SmackDown's they have fuckin 5 weeks and doubled since they usually bring in Undertaker to deliver promos and stuff for his match
  17. Look at all the storyline between them from 97.
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