Spoiler My man Curtis Axel...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. is one kinky mutha fucka. Hitting Punk in the balls, handcuffing him, and then whipping that back. Guess you can say it was....perfect :gusta:
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  2. lol'd.

    This is good exposure for him feuding with Punk though, so that's great.
  3. Awesome segment. I'm surprised the Intercontinental Title isn't gonna be on the line though with it being Night Of Champions. I know Punk is 'above' the title but he swore to Heyman in a promo a few weeks ago that he was gonna take everything that mattered to Heyman away from him, and taking the IC Title out of the Heyman camp certainly falls in line with that promise. Plus, Punk could certainly elevate the belt quite a bit if he did win it (although it's unlikely that he would unless he won it just so he could lose it right back to Axel thanks to interference from Brock Lesnar, setting up the Punk/Lesnar rematch at Battleground and/or Hell In A Cell.)
  4. Axel + Heyman = :fap:
  5. It's great to see Axel getting exposure with a big feud like this, nice going.
  6. That whole thing was so homoerotic even Darren Young said "damn"
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  7. Dont copy my quote that I use for Brock
  8. So you invented the quote "My man" ? Copyright it then because im pretty sure Mick Foley has used that in his infamous 3 faces of Foley promo on Raw Is War
  9. Request denied
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  10. Lol thought this was a BLFFL thread its not but she's annoyed with someone using 'My man' in a thread title.

    This does not get any better my life is complete I bid you all farewell my time on this fair planet is complete I've seen it all.
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