Spoiler My Man is on Raw tonight yessss

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. My man FTJ is on Raw tonight yessss confimed on his twitter :yes:

    Same with Brock.
  2. Thanks for the spoilers.
  3. :adr: Oh yes I am baby cakes
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  4. Frank the Jock is on RAW tonight?
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  5. :facepalm1: Can I start a thread saying "My man Punk is on Raw tonight, yesss"?
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  6. FTJ is your man? :phew:
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  7. GOAT move.
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  8. They've been an item for ages, man.
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  9. This is wonderful.
  10. #MyManRyback should be there as well :happy:
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  11. :gtfo:
  12. How about my man Tony?

    Yeah, Tony. The Tiger.

    Frosted Flakes >
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  13. Dude, is this site accurate or what?
    I expected this.
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  14. :finger: My man Ryback >>>> CM Punk. Ryan had Phil beaten in that cage, but Phil and Paul hired Leati, Colby, Jonathan, and that crooked ref Tyler to screw my man Ryback.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Look at this faggot. Your man is hideous and got a black eye from a jobber. :pity1:
  16. Sheesh, I secretly hate you guys. :lol1: The moment you think you won't see anything worse all day, you can always rely on WWEF. Thanks, CM Punk!
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  17. What a man, my man Ryback is! :yay:
  18. #FanGirling
  19. Spoiler: BLFFL faps to Farooq.
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